Yves Tumor

Heaven To A Tortured Mind


This album was released 48 weeks ago.

84% ±8% 11 reviews
# Song 4WIM
1 Gospel For A New Century
2 Medicine Burn
3 Identity Trade
4 Kerosene!
5 Hasdallen Lights
6 Romanticist
7 Dream Palette
8 Super Stars
9 Folie Imposée
10 Strawberry Privilege
11 Asteroid Blues
12 A Greater Love
Rating Source
-1% 4WIM Adjuster
84% 4WIM Rating
100% Backseat Mafia The magnitude of Yves Tumor's maturity with "Heaven to a Tortured Mind" cannot be denied; this is undoubtedly a watershed moment for the artist.
100% The Skinny The title of Tumor’s latest album, Heaven to a Tortured Mind, seems apt then, and feels particularly poignant in such troubling times.
90% Exclaim! Music This music is the echo in the uncanny valley, so strange and thrilling precisely for its mutated human core.
85% Under the Radar Magazine Apr 06, 2020 Web Exclusive By Conrad Duncan Do you remember when rock music was cool?
85% Earbuddy With the “it’s not as good as the previous record” part out of the way, let’s talk about why it’s great.
80% The Guardian The opening track on Sean Bowie’s fourth album under the name Yves Tumor has a bold, swaggering title – Gospel for a New Century – and a sound to match.
80% The Line of Best Fit
80% Clash It's only when you leave the large, purple 'Nostalgia' neon sign behind that you see a different, and rather more personal, side to the album.
80% No Ripcord While there were occasional moments of real excitement and promise amongst the snippets of textured but boring production, that promise never extended to more than just a song or two.
80% Loud & Quiet A little like the moodboard records of recent years by Thundercat, King Krule or Gonjasufi, the power here comes from the constant ambush of new ingredients, all unified by the connective tissue of its auteur’s musical personality.
80% Music OMH Heaven To A Tortured Mind certainly isn’t afraid of cluttering up the arrangement, as almost all of the songs end up adhering to a maximalist approach.