This album was released 2 weeks ago.

70% ±5% 4 reviews
# Song 4WIM
1 Nuclear Alchemy
2 Sacred Damnation
3 Teufelsreich
4 Furor Diabolicus
5 A Throne Below
6 Ultra (Pandemoniac)
7 Towards the Sanctuary
8 The Fire of Power
9 Antikrists Mirakel
Rating Source
-8% 4WIM Adjuster
70% 4WIM Rating
83% Gaffa (Sweden) Sacred Damnation och Teufelsreich innesluter melodiskt finlir, Towards The Sanctuary rockar rejält.
80% Laut Gewissermaßen vereinen Watain so ihren Hang zum Ausschmücken mit grundlegenden Tugenden des Black Metal.
80% Exclaim! Music MUSIC REVIEWS METAL AND HARDCORE ALBUM Watain Trident Wolf Eclipse By Brayden Turenne Published Jan 02, 2018 8 It is a fine line to walk between tradition and evolution, one that is judged even more harshly amongst stubborn black metal elitists.
70% Pop Matters Century Media 5 Jan 2018 There is no denying that Watain's status as a preeminent extreme metal band is secure at this stage of their existence.