This album was released 41 weeks ago.

70% ±5% 4 reviews
# Song 4WIM
1 Nuclear Alchemy
2 Sacred Damnation
3 Teufelsreich
4 Furor Diabolicus
5 A Throne Below
6 Ultra (Pandemoniac)
7 Towards the Sanctuary
8 The Fire of Power
9 Antikrists Mirakel
Rating Source
-8% 4WIM Adjuster
70% 4WIM Rating
83% Gaffa (Sweden) Sacred Damnation och Teufelsreich innesluter melodiskt finlir, Towards The Sanctuary rockar rejält.
80% Laut Gewissermaßen vereinen Watain so ihren Hang zum Ausschmücken mit grundlegenden Tugenden des Black Metal.
80% Exclaim! Music Erik Danielsson uses his voice to full effect, utilizing the timing of his delivery so that it serves as an auxiliary to the rhythm section, heightening the power of the overall music.
70% Pop Matters Century Media 5 Jan 2018 There is no denying that Watain's status as a preeminent extreme metal band is secure at this stage of their existence.