The Art Of Pretending To Swim


This album was released 39 weeks ago.

77% ±11% 14 reviews
# Song 4WIM
1 Again
2 A Trick of the Light
3 Sweet Saviour
4 Long Time Waiting
5 Fool
6 Love Came With All That It Brings
7 Real Go-Getter
8 Hold Me Down
9 Ada
Rating Source
77% 4WIM Rating
100% Irish Times After just one listen to this collection, however, all notions of inflatable armbands and blundering through the doggy paddle are drowned out.
83% Nöjesguiden
80% The Skinny There's something very comforting about the opening of Again, the first song on Villagers' fourth studio album, as a rapid acoustic guitar figure builds to a crescendo with Conor O'Brien singing directly into your ear.
80% Clash This fourth release of new material by Villagers, the brainchild of Conor O’Brien, is another evolutionary marker in their exploration of quality songwriting.
80% DIY Magazine Themes of love, loss and disillusionment are explored throughout by lyrics that give a remarkably eclectic album a sense of consistency.
80% New Musical Express Tracks such as ‘Love Came With All That It Brings’ show O’Brien to not only be a highly skilled and tasteful musician, but a talented producer too.
80% The Line of Best Fit Conor O’Brien, lead singer and songwriter of Irish indie outfit, Villagers, has always been heralded as a champion wordsmith.
80% Drowned in Sound There's the intricate fingerpicking, the intimate vocal, the forceful beats, the eeriness and honesty that Conor O'Brien has made Villagers' hallmarks – but it's atop hefty synths, peppy pop riffs and gloriously soulful bass lines.
80% Music OMH Like their fellow Irish artists Bell X1, Conor O’Brien’s Villagers have always been more of a big hit in their native country than across the Irish Sea.
80% Laut
75% Under the Radar Magazine Here, folk music has taken a backseat towards deeper, more compounding (perhaps even "experimental") songwriting.
70% Soundblab Returning to Villagers is like visiting a friend by the coast, being welcomed to the fire after a brisk walk among the dunes in the autumn air.
60% Loud & Quiet The upside is that we have records dealing with crises of faith and conscience, as on Conor O’Brien’s fifth album.
50% Exclaim! Music There's a more upbeat groove to this record too, but ever since O'Brien left us feeling like putty in his hands on Darling Arithmetic, you can't help but wonder if that's something we even want from a Villagers album.