U.S. Girls

In a Poem Unlimited


This album was released 56 weeks ago.

78% ±10% 9 reviews
# Song 4WIM
1 Velvet 4 Sale
2 Rage of Plastics
3 M.A.H.
4 Why Do I Lose My Voice When I Have Something to Say
5 Rosebud
6 Incidental Boogie
7 L-Over
8 Pearly Gates
9 Poem
10 Traviata
11 Time
Rating Source
-3% 4WIM Adjuster
78% 4WIM Rating
100% The Skinny It’s a clever stylistic choice that carries through the album – by far the brightest sounding Remy has ever released.
90% Exclaim! Music Girls In a Poem Unlimited By Stephen Carlick Published Feb 09, 2018 9 In interviews since Meg Remy's last album as U.S.
90% No Ripcord
80% Soundblab When you think of protest music, depending on your age, your first thoughts might be either the simple, strident pleadings of folk or the beating urban intensity of rap.
80% The 405 Take for example, ‘Mad As Hell’, the lead single from new album In A Poem Unlimited, which first came out at the start of October.
80% Under the Radar Magazine The closing track "Time" clocks in at nearly eight minutes but feels like one of the album's shorter cuts.
70% Loud & Quiet And the distinctive disco on ‘Mad as Hell’ — an angry, upbeat protest song that you might have danced to at a family wedding in the 1970s.
70% Drowned in Sound Meg Remy has been plenty vocal about how her political leanings influence the project, as 2015’s Half Free made clear, but the significance of her moniker has never been more explicit than on In a Poem Unlimited.
70% [sic] Magazine