Tyler, The Creator

Flower Boy


This album was released 51 weeks ago.

77% ±8% 11 reviews
# Song 4WIM
1 Foreword
2 Where This Flower Blooms
3 Sometimes...
4 See You Again
5 Who Dat Boy
6 Pothole
7 Garden Shed
8 Boredom
9 I Ain't Got Time!
10 911 / Mr. Lonely
11 Droppin' Seeds
12 November
13 Glitter
14 Enjoy Right Now, Today
Rating Source
-1% 4WIM Adjuster
77% 4WIM Rating
90% The Line of Best Fit On Tyler, The Creator’s fourth studio album, Flower Boy, the Odd Future ringleader reinvents his sound and flow, as well as himself.
85% Pitchfork These are hopeful and sincere songs about finding yourself and trying to find someone who values you completely.
83% Gaffa (Sweden) När Flower Boy var på väg var det många som inte var sena på bollen att gissa att många textrader handlade om Tylers chans att komma ut som gay, eller bisexuell.
80% Slant Magazine
80% Earbuddy Instead, this is a gentler, softer Tyler, The Creator, who may or may not be coming out of the closet on this album.
80% Pop Matters Odd Future leader Tyler, The Creator is one of those artists where, looking back over his career, one could trace a clear trajectory from where he began to where he is now.
80% New Musical Express
78% Paste Magazine
70% Exclaim! Music Flower Boy finds these particular influences in full bloom, starkly opposing its predecessor's frustratingly splintered nature to stand as Tyler's most musically and lyrically focused effort to date.
70% Renowned for Sound Whereas his previous three records have been aggressive in their image, delivery and names; Flower Boy is a welcome to the softer side of Tyler The Creator.
60% Consequence of Sound The preconceived notions of what a Tyler, The Creator album is gonna be like are plentiful well before you even press play.