Toro y Moi

Outer Peace


This album was released 30 weeks ago.

68% ±10% 11 reviews
# Song 4WIM
1 Fading
2 Ordinary Pleasure
3 Laws of the Universe
4 Miss Me (feat. ABRA)
5 New House
6 Baby Drive It Down
7 Freelance
8 Who Am I
9 Monte Carlo (feat. WET)
10 50-50 (feat. Instupendo)
Rating Source
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68% 4WIM Rating
80% The Skinny But it almost seems unfair to grade it against past Toro y Moi albums; to criticise Outer Peace for not having the pathos of its predecessor would be to criticise Bear’s greatest strength as a musician – his chameleonism.
80% The Guardian
80% God is in the TV Bear’s last five records have spanned various genres from deep house (2013’s Anything In Return) to classic 70s rock (2015’s What For?) with no apparent barriers coming between him and his creative voice.
80% Drowned in Sound But for all the praise Boo Boo received for its penchant to indulge, Outer Peace is mostly a much less somber affair, abandoning the more austere introspection for a somewhat whimsical, childlike side of Toro that we have only previously witnessed in sporadic doses.
76% Earbuddy Even if you do stop paying attention to the album — imagine you’re doing something at the same time — it still manages to entice you back into its world.
70% The Line of Best Fit Toro Y Moi initially rose to eminence with the 2010 release of his breakout album Causers of This; whether due to the content or time of release it was difficult to tell, but Chaz Bear soon became synonymous with the burgeoning chillwave genre that was gaining traction around that time.
65% The 405 Toro y Moi were at the forefront of the chillwave scene a few years back, alongside Neon Indian and Washed Out, although the man behind the music, Chaz Bear, rejected attempts to pigeonhole his musical offerings.
60% Loud & Quiet Then again, ‘Outer Peace’ could rightly be described as an echo chamber of memories, a scrapbook of some of our favourite parts of recent history.
60% New Musical Express An intriguing and haphazard dive through history, this sixth album from the former chillwave don is fitfully inspired, but lacks a cohesive sonic identity Take a glance at social media right now, and everybody is sharing embarrassing old photos from a decade ago.
60% DIY Magazine
50% Gaffa (Sweden)