At Weddings


This album was released last week.

80% ±5% 7 reviews
# Song 4WIM
1 Any Other Way
2 Untitled 1
3 Tornado
4 You Are Here
5 A Video Game
6 I'm Not Scared
7 Seventeen
8 Self-Help
9 Untitled 2
10 February
Rating Source
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80% 4WIM Rating
95% The Line of Best Fit Sarah Beth Tomberlin had a religiously conservative upbringing, shielded from the intrusion of most pop culture references by her parents until she left Christian school aged 17.
90% Soundblab It’s nearly impossible to speak about Tomberlin’s debut LP, At Weddings, without leaning heavily on a wave of hyperbolic praise.
86% Earbuddy Growing up in a strict religious family with a Baptist pastor for a father, the questioning of her faith is a major theme behind her debut album, At Weddings.
85% Paste Magazine The naked instrumentation mirrors the transparency of her lyrics and while the songs consist of just a few elements, her overflowing emotions make the tracks feel full and warm.
80% Exclaim! Music Tomberlin At Weddings By Chris Gee Published Aug 08, 2018 8 Existing within a haunting, hymnal veil, Sarah Beth Tomberlin's debut At Weddings is a loosely bound, but tender examination of a search for her own identity.
80% The Skinny Yet At Weddings proves to be a richer rumination on faith, as it tackles the nature of womanhood, adolescent romance and what it feels like to wonder whether anyone will ever truly know you.
80% The Guardian