The Twilight Sad



This album was released 76 weeks ago.

83% ±9% 13 reviews
# Song 4WIM
1 [10 Good Reasons for Modern Drugs]
2 Shooting Dennis Hopper Shooting
3 The Arbor
4 VTr
5 Sunday Day13
6 I/m Not Here [Missing Face]
7 Auge/Maschine
8 Keep It All To Myself
9 Girl Chewing Gum
10 Let/s Get Lost
11 Videograms
Rating Source
83% 4WIM Rating
100% The Skinny There's clear progression in the Sad sound, with the record tipping its hat to krautrock here and there.
100% Drowned in Sound For a band that built its reputation on ferocity (of both emotion and volume), there was a blanket over the sharp edges and a muted undercurrent to the whole collection.
90% Under the Radar Magazine The disorienting, dark beginning gives the first impression of a band that have grown up, widened their palette, and are now reaching for the stratosphere.
90% Soundblab In its dynamics and its somewhat unexpected appreciation for beauty amidst its jagged edges, one of the albums it reminds me of most is Whipping Boy’s classic Heartworm.
85% The 405 Authenticity is an often misunderstood termed used as a means of validation in both music criticism and popular discourse.
80% Irish Times Robert Smith has repeatedly called them his favourite band, evangelically lavishing them with praise and numerous support slots.
80% New Musical Express Hailing them as “the best band playing the best songs – consistently brilliant, emotional, intense, inspiring, entertaining,” he put the wind back in their sails and advised them on what would become their first album in five years.
80% DIY Magazine
80% God is in the TV
80% Loud & Quiet
76% GIGsoup Their longest gap between studio albums might have felt long for fans, but must have felt like a decade for the band.
70% Earbuddy Anyways, writing about The Twilight Sad now gives us the advantage of reflecting on the critical praise of this album.
70% [sic] Magazine Since 2014’s Nobody Wants to Be Here and Nobody Wants to Leave the band has spent months on tour with The Cure playing some of the biggest and most famous venues in the world.