The Orielles

Silver Dollar Moment


This album was released 56 weeks ago.

75% ±11% 13 reviews
# Song 4WIM
1 Mango
2 Old Stuff, New Glass
3 Sunflower Seeds
4 Let Your Dog Tooth Grow
5 Liminal Spaces
6 The Sound Of Liminal Spaces
7 I Only Bought It For The Bottle
8 Henry's Pocket
9 48 Percent
10 Borrachero Tree
11 Snaps
12 Blue Suitcase (Disco Wrist)
Rating Source
75% 4WIM Rating
93% GIGsoup Among the lyrical nuggets, The Orielles ask us to consider “the scene about space, with a dinosaur head, and a picture of us, huh huh” in ‘Snaps’, while ‘Borrachero Tree’ has “I’m feeling chill, a city on prozac pills, clinically diagnosed, but your mind has nowhere to go”.The prodigious songwriting talent and instrumental virtuosity on ‘Silver Dollar Moment’ are no surprise.
90% Backseat Mafia Backseat Mafia recently interviewed Halifax band The Orielles following the release of a couple excellent singles in anticipation of their debut album, “Silver Dollar Moment” due out on 16 February 2018.
90% Soundblab You’re cheating yourself if you don’t put this album on repeat as soon as you can get your hands on it.  This is the type of debut that fans of new music keep turning over rocks hoping to find (last year’s Duncan Fellows’ debut was another fine one) and every now and then you do which makes the search worthwhile.  While the rest of us and all the other bands fret about our imminent extinction and who’s to blame for it, The Orielles might just save the world when no one’s looking.      
80% The Guardian In this harsh climate, bands are adapting by sliding into the unexplored nooks and crannies of old styles and cleverly sounding out untapped combinations.
80% Louder than war As a debut, it shows the band to be three wise cultural connoisseurs, ready to engage the heart and the head in equal measure.
80% God is in the TV Following their signing to Heavenly Recordings and release of one of last year’s best singles in ‘Sugar Tastes Like Salt’, there’s a bit of a buzz around the release of the Orielles‘ debut album Silver Dollar Moment.
75% The 405 The track has a preppy, dual tempo structure that makes a virtue of the band’s lack of numbers, and piles much of the responsibility for atmospherics onto guitarist Henry Carlyle Wade.
75% The Line of Best Fit
70% Loud & Quiet However, The Orielles’ ‘Silver Dollar Moment’ is not that time – a debut album with the potential to charm even the most jaded cynics.
67% Gaffa (Sweden) I övrigt är det ganska svårt att hitta de där självklara referenserna då The Orielles sound faktiskt står ganska mycket på egna ben.
60% Drowned in Sound They make music that will sound reassuringly familiar to any older listeners who still think of the guitar sounds of C86 bands or the smoggy fug of shoegaze when someone describes a band as “indie”.
60% The Arts Desk A trio from Halifax with a collective age of 56, Orielles aren't shy about revealing their musical enthusiasms.
60% DIY Magazine On debut LP ’Silver Dollar Moment’, the new Heavenly signings are similarly adventurous but sometimes have the tendency to meander. Individually, the likes of sweetly lolloping slowie ‘Liminal Spaces’ or the careering psych outro of ‘Let Your Dog Tooth Grow’ are interesting, clever tracks that show a magpie’s den of influences.