The National

I Am Easy to Find


This album was released 59 weeks ago.

80% ±13% 24 reviews
# Song 4WIM
1 You Had Your Soul With You
2 Quiet Light
3 Roman Holiday
4 Oblivions
5 The Pull Of You
6 Hey Rosey
7 I Am Easy To Find
8 Her Father In The Pool
9 Where Is Her Head
10 Not In Kansas
11 So Far So Fast
12 Dust Swirls In Strange Light
13 Hairpin Turns
14 Rylan
15 Underwater
16 Light Years
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80% 4WIM Rating
100% The Skinny On I Am Easy to Find, The National take the courageous step of sharing top billing with a slew of illustrious peers.
100% The Firenote Like Sleep Well Beast before it – a quiet record about divorce and politics – their new record I Am Easy to Find is yet another daring, unexpected and surprising evolution in the band’s irreproachable discography.
100% Riječ koja se tako prokleto često koristi kad se priča o The Nationalu i njihovoj sad već gotovo dvadesetogodišnjoj karijeri jest konzistentnost.
90% Exclaim! Music The National I Am Easy to Find By Cam Lindsay Published May 14, 2019 9 The National have always been the kind of band that enjoy a longer gestation period when making a new album.
90% The Line of Best Fit
90% Paste Magazine But for the first time in quite a while, Berninger went back to his hometown of Cincinnati on “Not in Kansas,” I Am Easy to Find’s keystone track.
85% Under the Radar Magazine The 20th Century Women director had reached out to The National after their last album offering to direct a music video.
83% Nöjesguiden Där sätter han tonen för The Nationals fortsatta breddning.  Skivans filmiska kvaliteter har förmodligen ganska lite med att regissören Mike Mills nämns som medproducent, trots att han nog egentligen varit mest inblandad i den spelfilm med bland andra Alicia Vikander som The National släpper samtidigt (och som går att se i all sin hypnotiska helhet här).
83% Gaffa (Sweden) Det var då de hittade det sound som gjort dem stora inom alternativrocken – distinkta trummor, knastriga och susande gitarrer (även om detta blev än mer tydligt på plattorna längre fram) och Matt Berningers säregna barytonmummel.
81% QRO Magazine
80% The Guardian Not in Kansas is a startling, brilliant song, one that seems to be trying to locate a cultural and geographical home.
80% New Musical Express And yet – lush, profound, experimental – it's also much more than thatTo immerse truly yourself in this record, you’re going to have stop thinking of The National as just five ‘sad dads’.
80% No Ripcord It’s a question that has followed the band throughout their career, but so far they’ve always seemed to come up with the right answer.
80% Loud & Quiet Earl Sweatshirt made a good one and everyone talked about Beyoncé’s and Vince Staples’s for exactly three days after they came out, but other than those everyone may as well go home.
80% Irish Times The album and film, are, as Mills describes it, “playfully hostile siblings that love to steal from each other”, an approach that works well.
80% Clash These collaborations demonstrate The National’s desire to continuously evolve, adapt and create something fresh.
80% DIY Magazine Written and recorded alongside a short film of the same name from director Mike Mills, ‘I Am Easy To Find’ is a scrapbook of the band’s last few years, torn apart and stuck back together in fresh new ways.
80% Record Collector By the songs’ jittery finale, you’re overcome by the sensation of enjoying a song by The National where the band’s component parts aren’t central to your satisfaction.
80% Soundblab Bands like The Strokes and Interpol have released essentially the same album multiple times, with little or strange attempts at diversifying their sound.
73% Consequence of Sound Through their numerous side projects, charity compilations like 2016’s Day of the Dead, the various festivals they curate around the world, and their work composing, writing, and producing with other artists, the members of The National are always searching for new ideas and practices to bring people together through their work.
70% Music OMH If you haven't kept your ear to the ground, The National's eighth studio album I Am Easy To Find may be something of a surprise.
60% The Telegraph
60% [sic] Magazine The band’s first studio LP since 2017’s middling Sleep Well Beast, it’s another album that hails squarely from The National canon too, but – like Sleep Well Beast – it also blows in from an unusual direction thanks to its varied contributors.
40% The 405 For those of us that grew up on the Alligator to High Violet run, it went without saying that the bands who’d paved the way prior had passed their prime, but our artists?