The Murder Capital

When I Have Fears


This album was released 41 weeks ago.

85% ±9% 11 reviews
# Song 4WIM
1 For Everything
2 More Is Less
3 Green & Blue
4 Slowdance I
5 Slowdance II
6 On Twisted Ground
7 Feeling Fades
8 Don't Cling To Life
9 How The Streets Adore Me Now
10 Love, Love, Love
Rating Source
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85% 4WIM Rating
100% Irish Times
100% The Guardian However, the band’s palette draws on decades of the genre, stretching from early luminaries Modern English to more recent pacesetters Idles; urgent guitars cohabit with gentler piano and violin.
90% God is in the TV When you discover that The Murder Capital’s debut album is named When I Have Fears, you wouldn’t then be surprised that it not only sprang in several ways from bereavement but it also reeks of mortality.
90% Loud & Quiet With just one song publicly linked to their name, they packed out an early London show on the strength of rumours and hearsay; that rare moment when somebody knew somebody, who knew somebody else who said it was not to be missed, and all down the chain of command people actually listened.
90% Backseat Mafia Ferocious and beautiful...the passion and the energy of classic post punk art rock...leavened by a poetic and delicate beauty.
85% The 405 But one band, in‌ ‌particular, has caused a very special kind of commotion—commotion that even had Idles frontman Joe Talbot deeming them, “soon to be the best band in Europe.”That band is Dublin’s The Murder Capital.
80% DIY Magazine The first two minutes of The Murder Capital’s debut, ‘When I Have Fears’, are two of the most exhilarating and promising minutes it’d be possible to wish for.
80% New Musical Express
80% Clash The two may seem like opposites but they come together on The Murder Capital's mesmerising debut album 'When I Have Fears', a work of importance and relevance.
80% Music OMH Firstly, a close friend of the band committed suicide; if that wasn't enough, bassist Gabriel Paschal Blake's mother passed away during the recording of When I Have Fears.
70% The Line of Best Fit With an album title inspired by Keats, The Murder Capital demonstrate how to unite classic poeticism with modern punk on their hauntingly personal debut LP.