The Chemical Brothers

No Geography


This album was released last week.

71% ±9% 8 reviews
# Song 4WIM
1 Eve Of Destruction
2 Bango
3 No Geography
4 Got To Keep On
5 Gravity Drops
6 The Universe Sent Me
7 We've Got To Try
8 Free Yourself
10 Catch Me I'm Falling
Rating Source
-4% 4WIM Adjuster
71% 4WIM Rating
87% Consequence of Sound Now, nearly a quarter century since the Chems debuted with the excellent Exit Planet Dust, the electronic music landscape is almost entirely unrecognizable in comparison; artists have come and gone, fads have become popularized and repeated ad nauseam, and the masses have slowly started to become more attuned to the various subsects that electronic music encompasses.
80% The 405 The Chemical Brothers made the technological boom of the divisive ‘90s theirs by providing the anxious era with explosive beats and a new age of dance music.
80% New Musical Express Take the opening of ‘Eve Of Destruction’ which features a doomy opening statement about the end being nigh, but is soon seized by an elasticated bassline reminiscent of their 2002 song ‘Galaxy Bounce’.
80% The Arts Desk
80% Music OMH While we reel from the tragic and unexpected loss of The Prodigy's Keith Flint, Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons find themselves more exposed as mature spokesmen of UK dance music.
70% Exclaim! Music
60% Irish Times
60% The Guardian