Teeth Of The Sea



This album was released 12 weeks ago.

77% ±13% 9 reviews
# Song 4WIM
1 I'd Rather, Jack
2 Hiraeth
3 Burn of the Shieling
4 Fortean Steed
6 Her Wraith
7 Wraiths In The Wall
8 Our Love Can Destroy This Whole Fucking World
9 Gladiators Ready
Rating Source
-3% 4WIM Adjuster
77% 4WIM Rating
100% Soundblab Much of Wraith’s awesome pull comes from the capacity to restrain those elements; to programme the listening experience into equal parts awakening and plaintive rumination.
100% Crack Magazine Ostensibly inspired by ghostly apparitions in the studio, Wraith is typical in that regard, and that regard only.
80% Pop Matters Through the electronic and jazz themes of Wraith, it is Teeth of the Sea's psychedelia that prevails.
80% The Line of Best Fit
80% Drowned in Sound As such touchstones may suggest, Teeth of the Sea’s music is, like that of all the best contemporary ‘psychedelic’ bands, a glorious collage of styles and approaches.
80% The Skinny Speaking of horror, at some point it becomes improbable that any listener might escape the shadow of Brexit on WRAITH (and indeed, any work by a British band since the fateful Summer of 2016).
80% Exclaim! Music The compositions that make up Wraith take their time building scenes, setting the mood, luring you in with seductive saxophone lines, ethereal synth orchestras and buoyant drum programming, before driving an icepick of noise through your skull at just the right moment.
60% The Guardian The trumpets that permeate Teeth of the Sea’s fifth album act like the prophetic horns of Jericho.
60% Loud & Quiet For existing fans, ‘Wraith’ is the best the band have sounded since their debut; full of creativity and chemistry that appears to grow more refined with each album.