To Be Kind


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87% ±10% 25 reviews
# Song 4WIM
1 Screen Shot
2 Just A Little Boy (For Chester Burnett)
3 A Little God In My Hands
4 Bring The Sun/Toussaint L'Ouverture
5 Some Things We Do
1 She Loves Us
2 Kirsten Supine
3 Oxygen
4 Nathalie Neal
5 To Be Kind
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87% 4WIM Rating
100% Drowned in Sound When Michael Gira reactivated the band in 2010, only the most hopeful of aficionados would have expected anything even vaguely comparable to the greatest moments of their original incarnation (1987’s Children of God and 1996’s Soundtracks for the Blind).
100% Laut Zumidest für diese Scheibe begibt Gira sich wieder in die Hände von Mute Records, jenes Labels, unter dessen Fittichen bereits der ewige Swans Maßstab "Children Of God" (1987) entstand.
100% Music OMH In the two hours that To Be Kind occupies, you could listen to the first three Stooges albums and still have 15" minutes spare (there's a track on To Be Kind that is longer than the entirety of Raw Power '€“ that's not even a lie).
100% Bearded Gentlemen But without the reinforcement of religion in my upbringing, or a major precipitating event leading to my conversion, it just never became a part of who I am (much to most of my extended family’s hubris).Last summer I attended Chicago’s Pitchforkfest, mostly on the premise of getting to see Lil B and Swans perform on the same stage on the same weekend.
100% The Line of Best Fit
100% Gaffa (Sweden) Låtarna skapas live på turné, sen omformas dem kväll efter kväll tills de når en form bandet är nöjda med, de går in i studion, spelar in dem och går sen vidare med nytt material.
95% Earbuddy For our latest Roundtable, Earbuddy writers John Downey, Ryan Rogers, and Nick Krenn will be reviewing Swans’ new album To Be Kind.
93% The A.V. Club Michael Gira, the leader of Swans since the band’s 1982 inception, came up in the same New York scene as Sonic Youth—but where Sonic Youth gradually wound down over the past decade, Swans has wound itself up.
93% Consequence of Sound Prevailing logic is that the sophomore LP is one of the most daunting challenges of a band’s career.
93% Paste Magazine In previous incarnations, Swans used to simply make albums—challenging albums that were sometimes grating and sometimes finely detailed, but they never felt like anything more than a collection of songs.
92% Pitchfork But they are the rare band of their vintage who seem less concerned with living up to or building upon a past legacy than establishing a completely different one.
90% New Musical Express At 34 minutes, it's comparable in length to some full albums, including The Strokes' 'Is This It', The Beatles' 'Revolver' and The Beach Boys' 'Pet Sounds'.
90% Tiny Mixtapes The induction of this state takes many forms, but, as Swans has seized on, music is one of its most ideal vehicles.
90% Spin It will come as no surprise to learn that one of the most frequently used words on Swans’ new album is “no.” Michael Gira has a nihilist’s rep, after all.
83% Gaffa (Denmark) Alligevel er det, som om bandet har fundet en kemisk balancegang midt imellem støjen og de mere dæmpede lydpassager.
80% Pop Matters The music of Swans following the band’s reconstitution in 2010 with the album My Father Will Guide Me Up a Rope to the Sky has been steeped in myth, legend, and lore.
80% The 405 It seems bizarre to put it this way, but The Seer, which ran two hours and, as always, carried an aggressively experimental edge, was probably Swans' most accessible work.
80% Exclaim! Music REVIEWS POP & ROCK ALBUM Swans To Be Kind By Michael Rancic Published May 12, 2014 8 Three albums into their reunion, it's clear Swans have discovered a creative cycle that really works.
80% Soundblab They became the darlings of the music aficionados through all this and then releaseed this, their 13th album, to further defy logic and any predictability.
80% The Skinny This laudable commitment to extremity has its roots in the early 1980s downtown New York rock community but, on the evidence of To Be Kind, Gira and co.
80% No Ripcord
80% Record Collector Witness the way that Just A Little Boy (For Chester Burnett) shifts gears from a spacey, almost sultry groove into something altogether more sinister as the tension builds and Gira repeats the title, punctuated by choruses of cackles.
75% Under the Radar Magazine May 13, 2014 Web Exclusive By Hays Davis Only when it's too late do you realize that "Screen Shot," the opening track on Swans' new magnum opus, is the sound of being stalked.
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Will Butler steps out from the shadow of Arcade Fire with the release of his dizzying solo album that, despite the array of instrumentation he gets ...
60% The Guardian Since their emergence in New York in the 1980s, Michael Gira's Swans have enjoyed a reputation for some of the most terrifyingly bleak music imaginable.