What a Time to Be Alive


This album was released 56 weeks ago.

76% ±12% 15 reviews
# Song 4WIM
1 What a Time to Be Alive
2 Lost My Brain
3 Break the Glass
4 Bad Choices
5 Dead Photographers
6 Erasure
7 I Got Cut
8 Reagan Youth
9 Cloud of Hate
10 All for You
11 Black Thread
Rating Source
76% 4WIM Rating
100% Red Dirt Report
90% The Line of Best Fit
83% Nöjesguiden This is what the hammer’s for”, sjunger de i Break the Glass, och det är textrader med många tolkningsmöjligheter.  Dels sammanfattar det Superchunks kompromisslösa forcerande.
81% Earbuddy Yes, Superchunk‘s members throw in their two cents on the single biggest moment to unite all musicians since President Bush.
80% Exclaim! Music He offers few answers, but from the sarcastic kissoff of the title track to the '80s hardcore references of "Reagan Youth," the record is cathartic, aided and abetted by buzzsaw guitars, speedy tempos and a conciseness unheard on a Superchunk record in the last 25 years.
80% The Skinny The bitter truth behind the title of Superchunk’s 11th album becomes swiftly apparent as Mac McCaughan rails furiously against the state of the world – and the US in particular.
80% QRO Magazine
80% The 405 On some of their most beloved songs, Mac McCaughan has railed against inconsiderate drivers, package thieves, and um, slack motherfuckers.
80% The Firenote I have gone from an avid listener to their albums during their No Pocky for Kitty through Foolish era to a more casual one with their past few releases.
77% Backseat Mafia They helped to define a sound, regionally in the Chapel Hill music scene, and nationally that defined what itmeant to be “college rock”.
70% Music OMH With Beau Sorensen returning for engineering duties, Superchunk largely continue in the same musical vein as before, albeit with this new focus, and with a plethora of guest vocalists in tow.
70% Under the Radar Magazine The punchy melodic title track could have easily been at home on any of the band's early '90s records, but it's the state of our world today that got Superchunk writing and recording directly after the 2016 election.
60% Record Collector What a time to be alive, as US indie veterans Superchunk sarcastically put it in the title track to their 11th LP.
60% DIY Magazine A key part of the ‘90s American indie rock explosion, Superchunk characterised themselves with a sound that melded power pop and DIY punk in equal measure, creating a persona which channeled sometimes dark subject matter through a positive approach.
50% Drowned in Sound Superchunk were the Nineties' other fiercely independent entity who helped launch the careers of bands such as Polvo and Lambchop while forging quite the career for themselves throughout the decade.