Sunflower Bean

Twentytwo In Blue


This album was released 51 weeks ago.

72% ±15% 18 reviews
# Song 4WIM
1 Burn It
2 I Was A Fool
3 Twentytwo
4 Crisis Fest
5 Memoria
6 Puppet Strings
7 Only A Moment
8 Human For
9 Any Way You Like
10 Sinking Sands
11 Oh No, Bye Bye
Rating Source
72% 4WIM Rating
100% New Musical Express Partly inspired by the current political landscape in the USA, there’s naturally a rebellious streak peppered throughout the album, as on ‘Burn It’ and ‘Human For’, alongside a distinct quality of humanity that the cronies in power could never harbour.
82% GIGsoup New York trio Sunflower Bean broke through with single ‘I Was a Fool’ and have followed up with a rich and rewarding second album, ‘Twentytwo in Blue’.
80% The Telegraph The young New York trio are a group to fall in love with, a perfectly balanced unit that combines the prime rock elements of drums, bass and guitar, with characterful vocals.
80% Backseat Mafia Sunflower Bean come of age on their honest – and hopeful – second album ‘Twentytwo in Blue’.We all celebrate the passing of the years in different ways.
80% Soundblab As it stands, Sunflower Bean’s sophomore effort displays an invigorated group of young adults with just enough clarity to realize just how little they actually know.
80% DIY Magazine
80% Consequence of Sound In a mere two years, they’ve absorbed the history of glam rock and paid enough attention to the world at large to become fully jaded adults.
80% The Skinny A sense of hallowed rock tradition commingling with the great and the good of today comes to the fore and you think, hey, these guys are pretty good!
80% Paste Magazine Sunflower Bean also shows off its new perspective in a couple of politically minded songs on Twentytwo in Blue.
80% Music OMH The way these things are supposed to go, you'd be expecting to hear that Twentytwo In Blue finds Sunflower Bean more cultivated and less capricious; having grown older (hence the title) and found a groove to settle in.
80% The Guardian The album opener, Burn It, voices discomfort with changes in people and environments (“This town, I’ll burn it to the ground”).
70% No Ripcord It's a noble aspiration for the Brooklyn trio, whose affection for classic rock resounds with a timeless spirit.
70% Under the Radar Magazine Hyped up, as with many a modern day band, their stylings felt neat and measured—hardly words you'd want associated with a first impression, especially as a band made up of three, all of whom were barely scraping twenty.
65% Earbuddy Coming into Twentytwo in Blue, the second album from Sunflower Bean, I thought I had the band all figured out by their looks.
50% Nöjesguiden Lika skickligt rekonstruerar de erans softrock, från Fleetwood Mac till The Carpenters.  Här finns dock väldigt få låtar med melodistyrka nog att platsa på topplistan från då.
50% Loud & Quiet Sure, they were never going to win any awards for originality, but there was a certain frisson to the songs that made up their debut album, ‘Human Ceremony’, even if it sounded a little one paced for a group allegedly in thrall to Pink Floyd, Led Zepplin, and The Velvet Underground.
50% Gaffa (Sweden)
40% Drowned in Sound Whenever I listen to this album, I imagine the kids of Sunflower Bean huddled in their snug apartment, brainstorming a checklist.