Mazy Fly


This album was released 12 weeks ago.

79% ±4% 7 reviews
# Song 4WIM
1 Red
2 Haunted Water
3 Hard to Please
4 Golden Numbers
5 Melted Wings
6 Under the Sun
7 Real Fun
8 Hard to Please (Reprise)
9 Afterlife
10 Dirty Desert Dreams
11 Secret Thread
12 Falling Asleep
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-5% 4WIM Adjuster
79% 4WIM Rating
90% Exclaim! Music Spellling Mazy Fly By Tom Beedham Published Feb 20, 2019 9 Looking beyond the four walls of her Berkeley apartment, on her wholly possessed sophomore release, Chrystia Cabral — aka Spellling — opens the door and lets the community that surrounds her augment the type of shadowy rituals that occupied 2017's Pantheon of Me.
90% Pop Matters Sacred Bones 22 February 2019 More than ever, experimental electronic music has become the preferred space for marginalized artists.
85% Earbuddy So what if someone just made a whole album of final songs?Surely SPELLLING (aka Chrystia Cabral) didn’t set out to write and record her second album, Mazy Fly, with this thought experiment.
82% Paste Magazine It’s easy to get lost in the maze of Tia Cabral’s inspirations and touchstones for Mazy Fly, her new album as SPELLLING, but it’s just as easy—and far more transporting—to simply get lost in the music.
80% Tiny Mixtapes The outré guitar tones she frequently opts for serve as a point of convergence between her R&B leanings and the experimental rock groups she clearly admires.
80% The 405 Crunches of alien tape loop spiral around on the opening to Mazy Fly, the latest record by Bay Area native Tia Cabral aka SPELLLING.
80% Under the Radar Magazine Mazy Fly is a winged spirit, an album constructed from a synth system that seems to be enamored by chemical trails to the cosmos.