Speedy Ortiz

Twerp Verse


This album was released 38 weeks ago.

75% ±7% 15 reviews
# Song 4WIM
1 Buck Me Off
2 Lean In When I Suffer
3 Lucky 88
4 Can I Kiss You?
5 Backslidin'
6 Villain
7 I'm Blessed
8 Sport Death
9 Alone with Girls
10 Moving In
11 You Hate The Title
Rating Source
75% 4WIM Rating
90% Pop Matters Carpark 27 April 2018 In emulation of the album itself, let's skip the preamble and get right to the heart of this — Twerp Verse, the third LP from Massachusetts quartet Speedy Ortiz, is damn fantastic.
80% Soundblab Twerp Verse, the band’s third studio album, finds the outfit breaking new musical ground, while still supplying fans with their trademark spastic waves of unrelenting stamina.
80% New Musical Express Of course, these aren’t new topics for Sadie, but this is the most forthright she’s ever been – and the album is all the more empowering for it, openly toying with conventions of misogyny, patriarchy and isolation.
80% DIY Magazine Speedy Ortiz have always been a band with an established knack for turning the personal political, presenting cutting social dissections through the lens of kaleidoscopic, surreal worlds.
80% The Firenote The band has always been politically mindful but after the more recent political climate the band scrapped their early material after Foil Deer and created what they feel is a more relevant and important focus.
80% Music OMH Seven years into their career, now seems as good a time as any for Speedy Ortiz to make their next step up.
78% Paste Magazine Despite toying with a glossy pop sound on 'Get a Yes,'€ an anthem to consent from her 2016 solo record Slugger, she has a punky subversive streak that shines through in her work with Speedy Ortiz.
78% GIGsoup After her solo debut as Sad13, “Slugger,” and lengthy tour supporting the album, Dupuis had an artillery of love songs for album three.
75% The Line of Best Fit
75% Backseat Mafia This is the same band that gave us Major Arcana and Foil Deer, but where their dizzying swirl of guitar rock before was impressive and fun is now more cautious and filled with a slight dread.
70% Under the Radar Magazine Whereas Major Arcana, the first record most people heard from them fizzed with a taut intensity, there was something more ambitious, more cinematic in scope, on Foil Deer which widened the arc of its popularity but meant that, for some listeners at least, something of what had made the band, fronted by Sadie Dupuis, so special in the first place was lost.
70% Exclaim! Music Speedy Ortiz Twerp Verse By Ian Rodgers Published Apr 24, 2018 7 Twerp Verse is a solid entry that should please fans of Speedy Ortiz and might also gain them some new ones with its hints of pop.
70% Loud & Quiet Even the lightheartedness of the album’s title is key – on ‘Twerp Verse’, Speedy Ortiz are refusing to get bogged down in the slime.
65% Earbuddy Major Arcana, Real Hair, and The Death of Speedy Ortiz are excellent while Foil Deer doesn’t quite live up to those standards.
60% The Skinny