Snail Mail



This album was released 36 weeks ago.

79% ±9% 20 reviews
# Song 4WIM
1 Intro
2 Pristine
3 Speaking Terms
4 Heat Wave
5 Stick
6 Let's Find An Out
7 Golden Dream
8 Full Control
9 Deep Sea
10 Anytime
Rating Source
79% 4WIM Rating
91% Paste Magazine Since then, Jordan has graduated high school, toured with the likes of Waxahatchee and Girlpool, and was featured in a roundtable of female rock musicians for the New York Times.
90% Exclaim! Music Snail Mail Lush By Matt Bobkin Published Jun 05, 2018 9 Have you ever been afraid of texting the wrong person your most intimate thoughts?
90% Soundblab As she poses on lead single “Pristine,” “Is there any better feeling than coming clean?” But Lush is far from a downer.
87% Consequence of Sound But in each case, Jordan makes the song her own, showing how she can internalize her favorite acts and put her own spin on them.
83% Gaffa (Sweden) När vi om några månader summerar indiepopåret 2018 lär Snail Mails debutalbum Lush finnas med i diskussionen om årets smocka.
80% Slant Magazine
80% The Arts Desk Lindsey Jordan was 16 when she released her first EP as Snail Mail on her local punk label Sister Polygon Records.
80% Under the Radar Magazine It's worth turning a blind eye to all of that though, because this is as good of a indie rock debut as you're likely to hear this year.
80% Drowned in Sound Most of the writing around Snail Mail is going to make reference to Lindsey Jordan’s age as a matter of course.
80% DIY Magazine On debut EP ‘Habit’, Lindsey Jordan presented herself as a supremely talented young songwriter, able to evoke vivid emotions over simple but affecting instrumentation.
80% The Skinny The best indie rock songs can often lean on the shorter side, giving in to the sugar rush of instantly memorable riffs.
80% God is in the TV Its a moment of clarity set against an infectious song about the tumult of love, that typifies the confessional lyrics scattered across her debut album.
80% New Musical Express On the spiky ‘Heat Wave’, she’s praying for blissful ignorance, hoping to “never get a clue”, but by the album’s end, she’s ready to let go, realising it’s for the best.
80% Music OMH Like her contemporary, Sophie Allison of Soccer Mommy, Jordan’s specialty is sad songs about love, in a minor key.
80% GIGsoup All of the ten songs were written as Jordan was aged between fifteen and eighteen, so it comes to no surprise that no other album in 2018 has half the emotional complexity of ‘Lush’.The foundation of ‘Lush’ is the weight of life.
80% The Firenote So it’s refreshing when an artist comes along who takes a simple approach to their work, taking care with the songs themselves rather than production gimmicks or contextual hype (hey there Kanye).
70% Earbuddy If we’re judging Lush on the character of Lindsey Jordan, then this review would easily be a 9.5, good job, A+, would do business again.
70% Loud & Quiet The classically trained indie musician, otherwise known as Snail Mail, here dreamily crafts dripping shoegaze charm and cutting lyrics to precisely narrate – and soundtrack – the pains of adolescence.
70% No Ripcord Since then, she’s taken her time in crafting her first album, Lush, to make sure it lived up to her own high standards.
50% Pop Matters As of this writing, Jordan is still a teenager, which gives the album's meditative teen angst lyrics true authenticity.