Snail Mail



This album was released 2 weeks ago.

79% ±9% 15 reviews
# Song 4WIM
1 Intro
2 Pristine
3 Speaking Terms
4 Heat Wave
5 Stick
6 Let's Find An Out
7 Golden Dream
8 Full Control
9 Deep Sea
10 Anytime
Rating Source
79% 4WIM Rating
90% Exclaim! Music Snail Mail Lush By Matt Bobkin Published Jun 05, 2018 9 Have you ever been afraid of texting the wrong person your most intimate thoughts?
90% Soundblab As she poses on lead single “Pristine,” “Is there any better feeling than coming clean?” But Lush is far from a downer.
87% Consequence of Sound But in each case, Jordan makes the song her own, showing how she can internalize her favorite acts and put her own spin on them.
83% Gaffa (Sweden) När vi om några månader summerar indiepopåret 2018 lär Snail Mails debutalbum Lush finnas med i diskussionen om årets smocka.
80% Slant Magazine
80% The Arts Desk Lindsey Jordan was 16 when she released her first EP as Snail Mail on her local punk label Sister Polygon Records.
80% Under the Radar Magazine It's worth turning a blind eye to all of that though, because this is as good of a indie rock debut as you're likely to hear this year.
80% Drowned in Sound Most of the writing around Snail Mail is going to make reference to Lindsey Jordan’s age as a matter of course.
80% DIY Magazine On debut EP ‘Habit’, Lindsey Jordan presented herself as a supremely talented young songwriter, able to evoke vivid emotions over simple but affecting instrumentation.
80% The Skinny The best indie rock songs can often lean on the shorter side, giving in to the sugar rush of instantly memorable riffs.
80% God is in the TV Its a moment of clarity set against an infectious song about the tumult of love, that typifies the confessional lyrics scattered across her debut album.
80% New Musical Express On the spiky ‘Heat Wave’, she’s praying for blissful ignorance, hoping to “never get a clue”, but by the album’s end, she’s ready to let go, realising it’s for the best.
70% Earbuddy If we’re judging Lush on the character of Lindsey Jordan, then this review would easily be a 9.5, good job, A+, would do business again.
70% Loud & Quiet The classically trained indie musician, otherwise known as Snail Mail, here dreamily crafts dripping shoegaze charm and cutting lyrics to precisely narrate – and soundtrack – the pains of adolescence.
50% Pop Matters As of this writing, Jordan is still a teenager, which gives the album's meditative teen angst lyrics true authenticity.