Simian Mobile Disco



This album was released 36 weeks ago.

61% ±15% 10 reviews
# Song 4WIM
1 Boids
2 Caught in a Wave
3 We Go
4 Gliders
5 Hey Sister
6 A Perfect Swarm
7 Defender
8 V Formation
9 Murmuration
Rating Source
-13% 4WIM Adjuster
61% 4WIM Rating
100% The Guardian The singers seem to seep into the bloodstream of Simian’s tracks, a hinterland where you can’t hear individual words, but take comfort in their collective song.
80% The Arts Desk From the subtly swirling psychedelia of Simian, to the various dancefloor shapes they've thrown as Simian Mobile Disco.
80% Music OMH The show featured the Deep Throat Choir, who are key contributors to Murmurations and frequently provide the tracks with their tonal centre.
80% The Skinny As the Deep Throat Choir wrap their vocals around each other and Simian Mobile Disco further chop and mould these loops, a similar phenomenon occurs.
80% New Musical Express Named after undulating formations of starlings, sixth album ‘Murmurations’ is about movement and space as much as their earlier albums were about minimalism and melody; from start to finish, it has the feel of sounds bouncing off the walls of a vast chamber.
80% Laut Mit Vocals hatten es Simian Mobile Disco seit längerem nicht mehr so ernst genommen, umso erstaunlicher, dass der Gesang auf "Murmurations" als Fundament der Platte dient.
76% Resident Advisor In effect, that's what Simian Mobile Disco have done here, using the choir as another instrument with often stunning results.
61% Earbuddy But the unfortunate thing is that many of artists like Simian Mobile Disco, the duo of James Ford and Jas Shaw, already had their albums finished.
60% Exclaim! Music Murmurations — the duo's sixth studio album — showcases a more meaningful, altogether deeper sound.
40% God is in the TV So it’s unfortunate that Simian Mobile Disco’s new album – a collaboration with Hackney’s heeeeelariously named Deep Throat Choir – should have landed in my inbox.