Sharon Van Etten

Remind Me Tomorrow


This album was released 30 weeks ago.

81% ±11% 25 reviews
# Song 4WIM
1 I Told You Everything
2 No One's Easy to Love
3 Memorial Day
4 Comeback Kid
5 Jupiter 4
6 Seventeen
7 Malibu
8 You Shadow
9 Hands
10 Stay
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81% 4WIM Rating
100% Consequence of Sound Now, she’s back with Remind Me Tomorrow, her most confident effort to date, elevating her palette through something that can best be described as a confessional purge.
100% No Ripcord Ever since she released her debut, Sharon Van Etten has evolved from album to album, her music and lyrics changing alongside her.
90% Exclaim! Music Sharon Van Etten Remind Me Tomorrow By Laura Stanley Published Jan 18, 2019 9 Sharon Van Etten wrote her fifth album, Remind Me Tomorrow, in, as she told Exclaim!, "a delirium of wanting to be creative."
90% The Line of Best Fit Thus, on Remind Me Tomorrow, Sharon Van Etten has reappeared, and you’d believe she’s spent the last five years ‘gloaming’ in some fetid morgue somewhere with only snakes and eyeliner for company.
90% Music OMH And now, you can add the opening song to Sharon Van Etten’s Remind Me Tomorrow to that stellar list.
90% Loud & Quiet It rumbles with deep drones and is punctuated with sharp drums as a life lived outside of music resonates through the lyrics.
87% Paste Magazine They might commit themselves to one particular album, destined to play it on repeat forever even as their favorite band grows and grows.
85% Under the Radar Magazine Jan 18, 2019 Web Exclusive By Michael James Hall It's been five long, eventful years since Sharon Van Etten put out her magnificent, troubling, infinitely gorgeous Are We There, during which time the Brooklyn troubadour has ventured into both motherhood and television acting, while we've patiently waited for album number five from one of the more important songwriters and performers of the 21st century.
83% Gaffa (Sweden)
80% New Musical Express Don't call it a comeback – but this is Van Etten's most immediate work to dateIn October, Sharon Van Etten released her first new song in almost five years.
80% The Guardian Change is something echoed in the sound of Remind Me Tomorrow too, a collection that sees Van Etten edge away from her trademark guitar and towards drones, piano and vintage synths.
80% Irish Times So much like me.”Pianos and synths are the driving force of this album; Van Etten’s usual folk sound is replaced with something steelier, something more raw.
80% DIY Magazine The sea change in Sharon’s personal life has given rise to a tidal wave of ambition in her music; that she has harnessed it so masterfully surely confirms her position as one of her generation’s most compelling voices.
80% The Skinny Since the release of her fourth album, Are We There, in 2014, Van Etten got a degree in psychology, took on her first acting jobs (starring in Netflix series The OA and appearing in the Twin Peaks revival), fell in love, and had her first child.
80% Earbuddy This mythology is baked into Remind Me Tomorrow, and video for “Comeback Kid” even features several early photographs from Van Etten’s career.
80% The 405 She still popped here and there, notably on the gorgeous title track from Hercules and Love Affair’s Omnion in 2017, but for a time, Van Etten spent more time on Netflix’s The OA than she did on records.
80% The Arts Desk She got her first acting role in Netflix drama The OA and, inspired by the intense emotional connection her fans had found with her songs, began studying to become a mental health counsellor.
80% The Firenote It’s a record too theatrical to be defined by its authenticity and too confident to be defined by its vulnerability; a blend of emotion and style that only Sharon Van Etten could pull off at this stage in her accomplished career — and pull it off she does.
80% Soundblab You can get a sense on ‘Jupiter 4’ as well as several other songs of Van Etten’s time soundtracking.  Both ‘Memorial Day’ and the later ‘Malibu’ are tone poems with a little more heft.  Vaguer lyrics that are also repressed under a hazy drone add to create more of a mood than a memory. Of course a look at Remind Me Tomorrow would not be complete without addressing the songs about “her shadow”, which seems to be the reference point to her son.  There’s an element of Van Etten looking back, while also imagining her child grown up.  Since the album ticks off a few topics, it’s not quite the parental opus of Sturgill Simpson’s A Sailor’s Guide to Earth, but starting in reverse order the album closing ‘Stay’ recounts her experience in her child’s earliest days.  From “kicks at night” to motherly advice of knowing “time to stand, time to walk away” it is all heart.  But she addresses things most plainly on ‘You Shadow’, imparting the simplest of advice surrounded by bleating synths. Unless you have been living under a rock, it has been hard to avoid the bristling ‘Comeback Kid’ that evokes a reflection on Van Etten’s own success but is obtuse enough lyrically to make it hard to pin down.  But the just as strident ‘Seventeen’ is more open in its look not just back on Van Etten’s earlier self, but also a look ahead to her “shadow’s” future.  Her admonishment of “afraid you’ll be just like me” as synth knobs are twisted to full corrosiveness towards the song’s end comes as a siren in the night.  You sure could do far worse than end up in Van Etten’s shoes, but if the fear of that is what spurs Van Etten’s most urgent moments on Remind Me Tomorrow we all get to benefit from it.
80% The Telegraph There has always been something unmediated about her, as  if songs spring forth unbidden. The opening track of her fifth album, Remind Me Tomorrow, evokes this very explicitly.
80% Naprotiv, uz pojavljivanje sa svojom neodoljivom "Tarifom" u "Twin Peaksu", objavila je EP "I Don't Want to Let You Down" sastavljen od pjesama što nisu izborile svoje mjesto na albumu, glumila je u Netflixovom serijalu "The OA" te je rodila dijete, upisavši još i studij psihologije.
78% QRO Magazine
70% Drowned in Sound Remind Me Tomorrow by Sharon Van EttenRemind Me Tomorrow is not a weary record, just one that calmly accepts the impossibility of doing everything, all the time.
50% God is in the TV The pulsing electronica that takes precedent over her trademark guitar style registers little more than as an interesting listen as she goes through the motions of being Sharon Van Etten in 2019.
50% Nöjesguiden Mycket hinner hända på fyra år, och Sharon Van Etten är mentalt och mognadsmässigt på en helt annan plats idag än när hon släppte sitt förra album 2014.