This album was released 36 weeks ago.

83% ±13% 13 reviews
# Song 4WIM
1 whisper
2 messy
3 wrong tree
4 fragrant
5 mourning song
6 cherubim
7 seedless
8 invoice
9 waft
10 slow syrup
11 bless ur heart
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83% 4WIM Rating
100% Pop Matters It lives today most often as an exercise in superficial universalism rather than the kind of distinctive exploration of the self that one expects from serious songwriters, usually devoid of the psychological and emotional particulars that resonate and immerse.
100% Music OMH There is a case to be made for soil, the debut album by serpentwithfeet, to be sensibly understood as seminal before even being granted the benefit of hindsight.
100% Tiny Mixtapes
90% Loud & Quiet Returning to this idea of ‘the fall of man’, in the trajectory of ‘soil’, ‘cherubim’ calls back to the cherubs God placed on the entrance of the Garden of Eden, ensuring neither Adam or Eve could eat from the “tree of life” and become immortal.
83% Earbuddy Soil is one of those rare albums that sounds like uncharted territory – like someone is forging ahead into a musical wilderness that hasn’t been mapped out quite yet.
82% GIGsoup Drawing upon industrial pop and ethereal R&B, serpentwithfeets‘s music may induce listeners to revel in the artist’s musical prowess even as they blush at the album’s pervasive intimacy.
80% The Guardian The latest chapter in a story that runs through so much US music is the debut album by Josiah “serpentwithfeet” Wise, an artist who fuses avant garde R&B with the devotional beauty of gospel, skirting easy classification.
80% Under the Radar Magazine He's also a queer black man singing about his experiences with an astonishing voice and a dark, operatic sound coiling around soil.
80% Resident Advisor On his debut album, soil, those qualities bloom on tightly written pop songs that probe his innermost fears, neuroses, queer insecurities and desires.
80% The 405 Whilst Josiah White first appeared as serpentwithfeet in 2016 his period of gestation has been more prolonged than that.
80% DIY Magazine But despite facing rejection from the classical music world, luckily, it didn’t result in an expulsion of classical sounds in his work.
70% Exclaim! Music Ever eclectic, he blends the sweeping, spiritual sounds of gospel with the theatrical trill of R&B and the sombre throb of electronic music to deliver a bigger, warmer sound than his previous work.
50% Nöjesguiden Att lyssna på serpentwithfeets debutalbum soil påminner lite om när man sitter i en biosalong och filmmusiken bidrar så mycket till intrycket att stämningen är det man kommer att minnas mest.