Screaming Females

All at Once


This album was released 55 weeks ago.

79% ±5% 11 reviews
# Song 4WIM
1 Glass House
2 Black Moon
3 I'll Make You Sorry
4 Dirt
5 Agnes Martin
6 Deeply
7 Soft Domination
8 End of My Bloodline
9 Chamber for Sleep (Part One)
10 Chamber for Sleep (Part Two)
11 Bird in Space
12 Fantasy Lens
13 My Body
14 Drop by Drop
15 Step Outside
Rating Source
-1% 4WIM Adjuster
79% 4WIM Rating
90% Soundblab Screaming Females follow in the proud tradition of so many great rock bands like Cream, Stray, Thin Lizzy, Trapeze, and Taste who played hard, passionate, melodic music.
85% The 405 It’s grounded in melody, augmenting the song as a whole rather than drawing undue attention to itself.
84% Paste Magazine Much of Screaming Females' appeal, and even their greatness, is their esotericism '€“ in particular the impenetrable world of Marissa Paternoster's hermetic guitar, lyrical poetry and visual art.
80% No Ripcord With the world feeling like it’s falling into chaos, the trio have returned with their seventh studio album to roar against the turmoil and pushback on having too much.
80% The Line of Best Fit Album Of The Week Having played together for over a decade, New Jersey’s Screaming Females continued dedication to the DIY spirit has earned them a unique place in the history of 21st century guitar music.
80% Exclaim! Music
80% Drowned in Sound There was a feeling in some camps that Screaming Females’ 2015 record Rose Mountain was too tamed a version of the band.
80% Laut Dabei regeln die Screaming Females den Sound immer wieder ein Stück nach, diesmal mit noch einmal gesteigertem Bratzfaktor.
77% Earbuddy But unlike Ugly, All At Once mostly earns its length with some of Screaming Females best songs to date.
75% Backseat Mafia Their previous album Rose Mountain was a success for the group and All At Once looks set to follow suit.  Rose Mountain was produced by Matt Bayles (Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Mastodon), it was his first time working with the band and their first time working with a producer – they wanted someone with the experience to help them make something consistent and professionally finished; streamlining their sound.
70% Under the Radar Magazine