Ross from Friends

Family Portrait


This album was released 29 weeks ago.

71% ±9% 10 reviews
# Song 4WIM
1 Happy Birthday Nick
2 Thank God I'm A Lizard
3 Wear Me Down
4 The Knife
5 Project Cybersyn
6 Family Portrait
7 Pale Blue Dot
8 Back Into Space
9 Parallel Sequence
10 R.A.T.S.
11 Don't Wake Dad
12 The Beginning
Rating Source
-2% 4WIM Adjuster
71% 4WIM Rating
85% Earbuddy So, while I included some Friends references into my review, I more or less said the music is pretty good.
80% New Musical Express The Ross From Friends moniker first arrived in 2015, with the EP ‘Alex Brown’, but Weatherall’s musicianship has far outstripped any gimmick the name may have suggested.
80% Pop Matters Ross From Friends' Family Portrait is an album you can easily disappear into from one of electronic music's most thrilling new talents.
80% Exclaim! Music Varied in style, but with a unified vision, Family Portrait is a big success for Ross From Friends, a very personal and authentic piece of work.
76% Resident Advisor His arrangements, though, weren't always as strong as his ear for a sentimental melody, so his tracks could sometimes feel rudimentary.
75% The Line of Best Fit Leon Vynehall’s most recent album, Nothing Is Still, focused on the story of his grandparents and their move from New York to England.
70% Loud & Quiet Where the album really shines is on a solitary headphone listen, surprisingly, where the craft can be fully appreciated and the more personal corners of the album reveal themselves.
60% Music OMH These types of sound flow through Family Portrait, and they create a feeling of nostalgia not dissimilar to Boards Of Canada's faded textures.
60% The Skinny It’s apt then that Weatherall’s debut album under the moniker Ross From Friends is called Family Portrait.
60% God is in the TV There’s been a recent penchant for young men making heritage house with potentially ironic names, like DJ Boring (unless he’s being deadly serious his tunes are supposed to drill down into your consciousness), DJ Seinfeld and Ross From Friends.  The latter released his debut album, Family Portrait  on 27th July via the Brainfeeder label.