Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever

Hope Downs


This album was released 35 weeks ago.

77% ±8% 14 reviews
# Song 4WIM
1 An Air Conditioned Man
2 Talking Straight
3 Mainland
4 Time in Common
5 Sister's Jeans
6 Bellarine
7 Cappuccino City
8 Exclusive Grave
9 How Long?
10 The Hammer
Rating Source
77% 4WIM Rating
90% No Ripcord But we all want to succeed in some measure, and Hope Downs is an example of success on the grandest of scales.
89% Paste Magazine The three guitarists also trade off lead vocals from song to song.“I kept my head down, two eyes on the paving,” Keaney sings in “An Air Conditioned Man,” as Joe Russo’s bass runs wild and guitars squall in the background.
81% GIGsoup After two critically praised EPs (Talk Tight and The French Press), Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever make their debut, releasing Hope Downs on June 15th.
80% The Skinny Hope Downs is the first album from Melbourne indie rockers Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever, and a record that finally answers the question of what The Strokes might have sounded like if they’d grown up near the beach rather than in scuzzy basements and Swiss finishing schools.
80% Loud & Quiet In fairness, this association might also have something to do with the fact that ‘Hope Downs’ is due out in June, and it’s finally starting to get warm in London.
80% God is in the TV Rolling Blackouts have a real knack for conciseness and, lyrically and musically, no idea overstays its welcome.
80% The Firenote Up till now the band had been earning praise and a following from several EPs they released over the last few years.
80% Soundblab
75% Under the Radar Magazine
75% The 405 Now RBCF return barely more than a year after The French Press with their debut album, Hope Downs; a test to see whether their winning formula can be pushed to 10 tracks.
70% Exclaim! Music Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever Hope Downs By Anna Alger Published Jun 15, 2018 7 Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever made a name for themselves across the Pacific from their hometown of Melbourne last year, upon the release of their second EP, The French Press, via Sub Pop.
70% The Line of Best Fit When Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever released ‘’Talking Straight’’ earlier this year, you just knew these guys had something going for them.
69% Earbuddy Musically, it’s the jingle jangle summer sound that artists especially from Australia (see recent Gabriella Cohen album) like to utilize.
60% DIY Magazine The rise of Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever has been a rapid one, almost to the point that it’s been easy to miss.