This album was released 88 weeks ago.

85% ±8% 23 reviews
# Song 4WIM
1 Missing U
2 Human Being
3 Because It's In The Music
4 Baby Forgive Me
5 Send To Robin Immediately
6 Honey
7 Between The Lines
8 Beach2k20
9 Ever Again
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85% 4WIM Rating
100% The Guardian In 2016, her album Body Talk’s biggest single, Dancing On My Own, returned to the charts, albeit in a version that unwittingly demonstrated the gulf between what its author does and pop’s more basic practitioners.
100% The Arts Desk Crazed tweets screamed #releasehoneydammit into the ether for weeks as the Swedish songwriter teased her new music.
100% Gaffa (Sweden) Att Mr Tophat (eller Rudolf Nordström) varit inblandad är mer än tydligt. Det är ett sensuellt och expressivt uttryck som går igenom albumet.
100% The Telegraph
90% Music OMH Robyn and her collaborators successfully transcend the medium, and push the record into the realms of capital ‘A’ Art." Robyn’s music has always, in a strange way, been reminiscent of Matisse’s collages.
90% Pop Matters Interscope October 2018 The queen of pop music has finally returned.
90% God is in the TV In a number of recent interviews, Robyn revealed the depth of her struggles, which resulted in the long wait for new material.
90% Paste Magazine Whether you need to hysterically sob or gleefully and blissfully “move your body” across a dance floor, the Swedish pop diva’s Honey is there to satisfy.
87% Consequence of Sound Informed by Robyn’s personal struggles, Honey is a softer and sadder album, drenched in beautiful melodies and irresistible beats but also deeply reflective.
83% Nöjesguiden Två faktum som fortfarande kvarstår; Robyn har ungefär samma frisyr och jag hatar fortfarande att stå upp.
83% Svenska Dagbladet
80% DIY Magazine It’s the rest of the record, though, that really excels, pointing the way forward for an artist changing her tune. Assisted by Metronomy’s Joe Mount, Kindness and more on the record, ‘Honey’ largely foregoes the desperate energy of 2010’s ‘Body Talk’ and finds its peace in a quieter, more open space.
80% Irish Times Eyes closed, fists clenched and body swaying – that’s the correct physical reaction to a Robyn song.
80% Exclaim! Music Robyn experienced the loss of friend and collaborator Christian Falk, as well as a romantic breakup, during Honey's creation and the record's running order follows her subsequent emotional journey, with songs appearing in the order in which they were written.
80% Dagens Nyheter Istället tog hon en enorm revansch med albumet ”Robyn” (2005), den mästerliga singeln ”Be mine!” och ett helt nytt sound som inkorporerade Kate Bush, Prince och moderna beats.
80% Clash Robyn songs aren’t simply sad, but vividly, electrifyingly sad, as euphoric in their longing as they are in the moments of pleasure.
80% Slant Magazine
80% Earbuddy Also, pop music is a genre of music that is sorely lacking in terms of anything new or exciting in 2018.
80% New Musical Express Sure, there are still huge anthems to be found here – the bittersweet ‘Missing U’ is undeniably classic Robyn, along with the viscous pop gold of the title track – but elsewhere there’s a softening of edges; that usual urgency replaced by a vaguer, more intense sense of personal loss.
80% Loud & Quiet The idea of indie darling Dev Hynes producing Carly Rae Jepsen, Beyoncé borrowing motifs from Yeah Yeah Yeahs songs, or Pitchfork naming Lorde’s coming of age opus ‘Melodrama’ “Best New Music” would once have seemed vaguely ludicrous.
80% Zero Magazine Hundra procent säkert är däremot att Robyn har gjort ett utmärkt album som bjuder på futuristisk technopop, feta discorytmer och smart elektrofunk.
75% The Line of Best Fit
70% Drowned in Sound But having dazzled, amazed and euphorically swept the pop mainstream aside with the two parts of her Body Talk duology – a series of astonishing, brave and brilliant pop singles that somehow managed to branch multiple genres with a breathless ease – there is simultaneously a tremendous excitation and expectation on Honey to match its impact.