Pedro The Lion



This album was released 30 weeks ago.

79% ±7% 10 reviews
# Song 4WIM
1 Sunrise
2 Yellow Bike
3 Clean Up
4 Powerful Taboo
5 Model Homes
6 Piano Bench
7 Circle K
8 Quietest Friend
9 Tracing the Grid
10 Black Canyon
11 My Phoenix
12 All Seeing Eye
13 Leaving the Valley
Rating Source
-2% 4WIM Adjuster
79% 4WIM Rating
100% The Skinny Refreshingly, Bazan only seems interested in turning his focus backwards in order to pinpoint how his band will move forward.
80% The Firenote You get it, of course, when the band in question is a cooperative, equally contributing musically to the whole, why someone might choose to step away and shape a more personal artistic statement.
80% Earbuddy And Pedro The Lion just happens to be his project from many moons ago before he decided to go solo and get all bummed out from touring relentlessly and just never feeling satisfied.
80% Pop Matters With his return to Pedro the Lion, David Bazan searches for true self by reckoning with his past on this return to form that is Phoenix.
80% Paste Magazine Though much of the album looks back on his youth, these 13 new songs aren’t a nostalgia trip so much as an effort to make sense of his present by examining the past.
80% Under the Radar Magazine He is a truly generational songwriter, the kind who sadly is often only really appreciated once their best days are behind them.
80% Drowned in Sound This beautiful marriage of craftsmanship with deep philosophy is more tangible than the act of writing songs, but in its essence, it’s the same thing.
80% The Line of Best Fit
75% The 405 It’s one of life’s ironies that David Bazan felt he had to drop his moniker as Pedro The Lion to ‘go solo’, and then 15 years later is bringing it back in order to rediscover himself.
70% God is in the TV Once in full flow, the band sound like grunge going in reverse, with the attitude and atmosphere in place but the more macho posturing and swampy, distorted guitars removed.