Parquet Courts

Wide Awake!


This album was released 57 weeks ago.

85% ±9% 21 reviews
# Song 4WIM
1 Total Football
2 Violence
3 Before the Water Gets Too High
4 Mardi Gras Beads
5 Almost Had to Start a Fight/In and Out of Patience
6 Freebird II
7 Normalization
8 Back to Earth
9 Wide Awake
10 NYC Observation
11 Extinction
12 Death Will Bring Change
13 Tenderness
Rating Source
85% 4WIM Rating
100% The Skinny There is rather a lot to be angry about right now, but Parquet Courts remind us to, at least, dance and have a good time, despite the impending apocalypse.
100% DIY Magazine From beautifully cacophonous opener ‘Total Football’ to the piano melancholy of ‘Tenderness’ twelve tracks later, ‘Wide Awake!’ doesn’t dip one bit.
100% Soundblab
90% Exclaim! Music
90% The Line of Best Fit There’s always something by someone in the band about to be released – and that’s why it’s so surprising that they’re always so goddamn incredible.
90% Drowned in Sound But nevertheless, here we are with a fresh Parquet Courts record two years later, and remarkably it’s even better.
90% Earbuddy He once said he wanted to be an “auteur” producer, like a Woody Allen of music, where when you hear it, you recognize it.
90% No Ripcord Parquet Courts are making a ton of the right ones. Bands proclaiming their latest release as their "Political Album" have become routine over the last two years, but few acts have anything almost as scathing and interesting as Wide Awake! The songwriting duo of Andrew Savage and Austin Brown don’t rely on a smart turn of phrase (although there’s an abundance of them).
87% GIGsoup While they’ve only sporadically delivered the kind of biting social commentary that their work routinely nods towards, it’s clear that they’ve never been a band content to keep their mouths shut when it comes to the big issues.‘Wide Awake!’ feels, in many ways, like the album which the band have always been threatening to make.
85% The 405 When it was announced that they would be working with Danger Mouse as producer on new album Wide Awake!, it was easy to jump to the conclusion that this would be their most upbeat and poppy album to date.
85% Under the Radar Magazine And yet, the band show no signs of slowing down or diminishing returns yet, with their "main timeline" records topping the last successively.
83% Nöjesguiden Samma sak med Almost Had to Start a Fight, som är renodlad punk i Parquet Courts egen tradition, liksom Freebird 2 ännu hårdare så.
80% Slant Magazine
80% Loud & Quiet As it is, they’ve defiantly followed their own outsider instincts, pairing literate, savvy rock with skittish punk and fizzing guitars.
80% New Musical Express Just under a minute into ‘Total Football’, the taut opener on Parquet Courts’ sixth album, the meandering bassline drops away to afford Savage’s scream more space.
80% The Firenote Fans of past albums will be happy and folks that want to see the band continue to grow and expand their sound will definitely be pleased.
80% The Guardian
80% Tiny Mixtapes Their backstory is fitting, as the Courts have drawn from and been compared to nearly every major punk band in the genre’s canon since their breakthrough album Light Up Gold.
80% Glide Magazine Even the most ardent fans might have a hard time digesting a catalog that would span a most regular band’s career.
70% Music OMH Parquet Courts' fifth studio album '€“ sixth if you include 2014's Content Nausea released as Parkay Quarts '€“ was produced by Danger Mouse and, unsurprisingly, it's occasionally quite a departure from what's gone before.
67% Gaffa (Sweden)