Nilüfer Yanya

Miss Universe


This album was released 17 weeks ago.

83% ±6% 12 reviews
# Song 4WIM
2 In Your Head
3 Paralysed
4 Angels
5 Experience?
6 Paradise
7 Baby Blu
8 Warning
9 Heat Rises
10 Melt
11 “Sparkle” GOD HELP ME
12 Safety Net
13 Tears
14 Monsters Under The Bed
15 The Unordained
16 Give Up Function
17 Heavyweight Champion of the Year
Rating Source
83% 4WIM Rating
100% Crack Magazine Since she first started commanding column inches back in 2016, much of the buzz encircling Nilüfer Yanya has focused on the effortless and soulful feel of her sound.
90% The Line of Best Fit
85% The 405 Nilüfer Yanya has slowly been building a name for herself as a young songwriter with an alluringly affecting voice, yet her output prior to this first album has seemed somewhat erratic.
85% Under the Radar Magazine The lush production throughout, especially as the album progresses through its myriad sections is terrific.
81% Paste Magazine With an album that borders on soul, pop, jazz and rock, Yanya is far too preoccupied with her inner demons and unique artistry to quibble over what one particular genre her music most closely resembles.
80% Exclaim! Music Nilüfer Yanya Miss Universe By Anna Alger Published Mar 19, 2019 8 Mediocrity isn't a term in Nilüfer Yanya's realm.
80% New Musical Express Each EP release has seen Yanya further hone her music, adding in new influences and songwriting tricks.
80% Loud & Quiet You’re giving them more of you.” WWAY (We Worry About Your) Health also lends its name to the opening track – a conceptual spoken word piece that plays like an automated message on top of sunny steel drum hold music.
80% The Guardian Even the mildly satirical skits, which don’t quite work, prove her desire to create a proper album, rewarding repeated listening.
80% The Skinny It’s a question posed by Nilüfer Yanya in one of a smattering of spoken word interludes on her debut album Miss Universe.
80% DIY Magazine Between these interludes, thirteen songs both lean into these feelings and try and break away from them.
80% God is in the TV As the album begins, opening track ‘WWAY HEALTH’ inducts the listener onto a fictional health management programme, that is supposed to “look” after you but ultimately ends up over monitoring you, and tries to tell you how to live your life.