Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

Skeleton Tree


This album was released 279 weeks ago.

89% ±13% 29 reviews
# Song 4WIM
1 Jesus Alone
2 Rings of Saturn
3 Girl in Amber
4 Magneto
5 Anthrocene
6 I Need You
7 Distant Sky
8 Skeleton Tree
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89% 4WIM Rating
100% New Musical Express Yet this is not an album for the rest of us; it’s a reflex reaction to a torment most people will thankfully never have to endure.
100% The Guardian In Andrew Dominik’s uncomfortably riveting documentary One More Time With Feeling – about the making of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds’ 16th album – the singer describes a terrible event, which has become omnipresent.
100% The death of his fifteen year old son, Arthur, has so obviously changed that in so many ways on his, and the Bad Seeds, latest release, 'Skeleton Tree'.Although 'Skeleton Tree; was started prior to Arthur's passing it is clear in every aspect of the record that each song is somehow channelling Nick's grief.
100% Music OMH One of the reasons it feels important to consider Skeleton Tree alongside One More Time With Feeling (the documentary released with the album) is that we know what we know about the record from the film.
100% State While Skeleton Tree largely works as a tonal progression; based as it is heavily on the glitchy loops of Warren Ellis, in reality all has changed utterly in the intervening years.
100% The Telegraph His 15th album with the Bad Seeds (there are 23 more, counting other bands and soundtracks, across his whole career) is a masterpiece created in circumstances that have effectively overwhelmed Cave's tendency towards linguistic bravura and plumbed a line straight to the heart.
100% Nick Cave, čovjek koji se lani zajedno sa svojom obitelji suočio s pogibijom sina u punom zamahu mladosti, pronašao je ili bar napipao svoj put kroz ono što samo on i njegovi bližnji razumiju ili pokušavaju razumjeti, a "Skeleton Tree" nam sada kao plod titra pred čulima baš kao njegova slova na crnoj naslovnici.
100% No Ripcord
100% Record Collector
100% Louder than war There is no point in even pretending that you understand what he and his family went (and are still going) through unless you have been there yourself and whilst many of the songs here were written and recorded before that horrible event, it is this one moment in time that hangs over the album.
100% Red Dirt Report And for the denizens of the Red Dirt Report bunkhouse, well, Skeleton Tree has been on repeat for a couple of weeks now.
100% Gaffa (Sweden) Det finns inga melodier i musiken utan bara det som förmedlas av rösten och smärtan kommer ut ur högtalarna och tvingar oss att lyssna."Oh, the urge to kill somebody was basically overwhelmingI had such hard blues down there in the supermarket"Det finns inte mycket hopp och tröst på Skeleton Tree, istället förkastar han Gud och lyckliga slut.
90% Slant Magazine
90% Pitchfork The writing and recording of Skeleton Tree had commenced before the tragic incident, but the album was completed in its aftermath, and its specter hangs over it like a black fog.
90% Paste Magazine Yet 2016 has been the year when prolific artists explicitly experimented with form, with the likes of Beyoncé and Frank Ocean" releasing new music alongside gripping visual albums and films (Lemonade and Endless, respectively).
90% Renowned for Sound The Bad Seeds strut their stuff on Magneto, which is expertly layered, with an acoustic guitar adding an ethereal element that stands out nicely against, and softens, the darker tones surrounding it.  Grief is placed in the real world of the everyday on I Need You and Girl In Amber, two songs that feel the most directly related to the death of Cave’s son.  The album suffers a burst of energy – albeit anxious energy – with the cacophonous, arrhythmic loops of Anthrocene, which fall in and out of sync with each other in an oddly compelling manner.
90% The 405 The death enveloping Skeleton Tree doesn't get in the way of his limitless sense of emotional elaboration.
88% QRO Magazine
87% Consequence of Sound You don’t need to see One More Time in order to understand Skeleton Tree, but it does afford some key insights.
85% Under the Radar Magazine In fact, this is music so alive, real, raw, and occasionally frightening, that it forces you into its grip for its almost 40 minute running time, refusing to let you go.
85% Earbuddy And now we have Skeleton Tree, a Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds‘ album unlike any you’ve heard before.
80% DIY Magazine It’s the raw nature of the tracks themselves that hit harder than usual – the aptly titled ‘Skeleton Tree’ is a bare bones record with its heart on its sleeve.
80% The Skinny Nick Cave takes his deepest journey yet on Skeleton Tree, a solemn fugue on death, grief, yearning and both sides of mortality’s coin.
80% The Firenote And it’s not like he was that much of a cheerful camper on his previous 15 albums; we are after all talking about the guy who has chosen to give his albums names like Your Funeral… My Trial, Murder Ballads, and Abattoir (Slaughterhouse) Blues.
80% God is in the TV Obviously neither he nor I wanted it to happen this way but this is the way it is, and Skeleton Tree is, as Nik Cohn once memorably wrote of Ian Curtis, the sound of a man who knows exactly what he’s singing about.
80% Exclaim! Music Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds Skeleton Tree By Daryl Keating Published Sep 09, 2016 8 The shift in tone from 2008's Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!!
70% Drowned in Sound Nobody (or at least a very small minority of listeners) is going to approach this album in the coming months without knowing at least the most cursory details behind its appearance.
60% Dagens Nyheter Den idylliska scenen bidrog till att fjolårets tragedi – när en av tvillingarna föll från en klippa i Brighton och dog – fick väldigt mycket uppmärksamhet i brittiska medier (The Telegraph antydde till och med, i en snaskig artikel som senare togs bort, att olyckan hade ett samband med Nick Caves intresse för ond, bråd död).Nick Cave och hans band The Bad Seeds höll på att göra sitt sextonde album när sonen dog.
50% Nöjesguiden Utan stora refränger eller omedelbara melodier ger Skeleton Tree inte minsta chans till bekväm musikkonsumtion.