Neko Case



This album was released 37 weeks ago.

81% ±7% 20 reviews
# Song 4WIM
1 Hell-On
2 Last Lion of Albion
3 Halls of Sarah
4 Bad Luck
5 Curse of the I-5 Corridor
6 Gumball Blue
7 Dirty Diamond
8 Oracle of The Maritimes
9 Winnie
10 Sleep All Summer
11 My Uncle's Navy
12 Pitch or Honey
Rating Source
81% 4WIM Rating
100% The Guardian When Neko Case’s house burned down in 2017, her local newspaper invaded her privacy to a degree that made her fear the return of the stalker she had recently bankrupted herself to defeat.
90% Exclaim! Music And with Eric Bachmann on a brilliant cover of his Crooked Fingers song "Sleep All Summer," a classic and bittersweet highlight that's sort of an excursion.
90% Renowned for Sound Singer Neko Case has always been a little backward in coming forward, blending seemingly personal narrative arcs with dreamlike whimsy to create intoxicating, aural elixirs.
87% GIGsoup And in her typical disregard for expectations, Case said to hell with all of those with the release of the album’s titular and opening track, which she admitted to it impossible to define genre.
86% Paste Magazine Neko Case  writes as if she beams songs in from another dimension, one not bound by our conventions of songcraft.
83% Nöjesguiden Med Björn Yttling som producent för för nästan hälften av spåren, och med de djupstudier i brittisk pop från den eran som Peter Bjorn & John gjorde tidigt i sin karriär, är det självklart att Neko Case låter mer lik drottning Kirsty MacColl än någonsin, och då har det alltid varit en påfallande likhet.  Men här finns alltså helt andra stämningar dessutom.
82% Earbuddy It’s an album where she wanted to shake things up, so she travelled to Björn Yttling (of Peter Björn and John) in Stockholm.
80% The Line of Best Fit
80% Glide Magazine While it is her voice that ultimately cuts through and stays with you, it would not be true to the album to call it a solo venture.
80% The Skinny Whilst she was in Sweden applying the finishing touches to the album, her home in Vermont was gutted by fire and it’s testament to her resolve that she refused to be beaten down by it, telling Exclaim!
80% The Firenote Still, in the closing song of this latest effort, “Pitch or Honey,” she offers up a few clues to her songwriting inclinations.
80% Under the Radar Magazine
80% No Ripcord But it wasn't a hearty transition for Neko Case, whose last solo album, The Worse Things Get, The Harder I Fight, The Harder I Fight, The More I Love You, dealt with difficult issues like depression and parental alienation.
80% Music OMH It’s been just under five years since Neko Case released her last solo album, the unwieldy titled but brilliant The Worse Things Get, The Harder I Fight, The Harder I Fight, The More I Love You.
80% God is in the TV That Neko Case’s seventh album has arrived at all is a feat, considering the traumatic life events she dealt with while creating it.
80% QRO Magazine
75% The 405 Even during the depths of tearjerker 'Oracle of the Maritimes,' we see Neko Case with grand perspective on what she’s been through and what’s left to come.
70% Slant Magazine
70% Pop Matters Sure, it's going to include dark, gothic country tales of woe and strange songs that don't follow typical pop songwriting conventions right next to more traditionally catchy tracks, but it's a treat all the same.
67% Gaffa (Sweden)