Muncie Girls

Fixed Ideals


This album was released 46 weeks ago.

75% ±12% 7 reviews
# Song 4WIM
1 Jeremy
2 Picture of Health
3 High
4 Clinic
5 Falling Down
6 Isn't Life Funny
7 Bubble Bath
8 Fig Tree
9 Locked Up
10 In Between Bands
11 Laugh Again
12 Hangovers
13 Family of Four
Rating Source
-5% 4WIM Adjuster
75% 4WIM Rating
100% New Musical Express In case it passed you by, Exeter trio Muncie Girl’s 2016 debut ‘From Caplan To Belsize’ was one of the most special indie rock records to emerge in an age.
90% Exclaim! Music Thankfully, 2018's Fixed Ideals delivers excellently, bettering their debut's blend of memorable hooks and pointed commentary in almost every way.
80% DIY Magazine Muncie Girls’ ability to discuss such topics unflinchingly and with effortless understanding is what makes ‘Fixed Ideals’ so irresistible.
80% God is in the TV There was always something more personal about Muncie Girls though, singer Lande Hekt’s ability to make you feel like she’s talking to you and you alone gave From Caplan to Belsize the air of reading her diaries, but not in a voyeuristic way.
77% GIGsoup Exeter trio Muncie Girls have become an integral part of the UK’s DIY punk scene over the past few years.
70% Loud & Quiet Not in the loud, shouty way many of their contemporaries are, mind you, but there’s palpable frustration in their music.
60% The Skinny It’s been two years since Exeter trio Muncie Girls released their debut, From Caplan to Belsize – a record that bagged the band a nomination for Best British Newcomer at the 2016 Kerrang!