Mount Eerie

Now Only


This album was released 61 weeks ago.

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# Song 4WIM
1 Tintin in Tibet
2 Distortion
3 Now Only
4 Earth
5 Two Paintings by Nikolai Astrup
6 Crow, Pt. 2
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84% 4WIM Rating
100% Loud & Quiet Elverum goes on living in the blast zone, as he puts it, raising a young daughter on his own, and writing songs about his dead wife.
100% Tiny Mixtapes And I saw the holy city, the new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband.
90% Exclaim! Music Given that Now Only follows less than a year later, it understandably deals with the same subject matter, although his perspective has evolved.
90% Paste Magazine He, too, let the pain and sorrow of the loss fuel his art, unveiling the almost uncomfortably intimate album A Crow Looked At Me in 2017 and returning this year with a new collection, entitled simply Now Only (both recorded under the name Mount Eerie).
90% Drowned in Sound Long known for his work as The Microphones and later Mount Eerie, Elverum set about capturing the toxic shock of this loss in a collection of spare, harrowing songs that documented, in vivid detail, the later days of Geneviève’s life, the chasm left by her absence, and the grief he felt through it all.
85% Earbuddy The discography of Mount Eerie and The Microphones has been a biography of the man, and to have something critical to say about those albums now feels personal.
85% The 405 It was a phrase he returned to a few times throughout the album, as a bottom line to all the memories of his dead wife that he was recalling, a floor he would hit when the visions slipped away.
85% Under the Radar Magazine A year on and Now Only mines the same emotions, embracing sadness, maybe purging the pain, perhaps simply documenting it.
80% Music OMH A devastatingly raw expression of personal grief recorded in response to the death of Elverum's wife Geneviève Castrée in 2016 at the tragically young age of 35, A Crow Looked At Me saw the bereaved musician eschew much of his previous work's experimentation to produce a suite of sparse, shatteringly direct songs that were so honest in their pain they were sometimes uncomfortable to listen to.
70% Pop Matters Mount Eerie follows the remarkable A Crow Looked at Me with a similarly styled album that will be of interest to Mount Eerie devotees but feels more downbeat and less necessary than its predecessor.
60% The Guardian Since the late 90s, when he began releasing music as frontman of Olympia indie band the Microphones, Elverum has pursued the kind of uncompromising, esoteric career that invites listeners to either doggedly follow him down whatever unlikely musical path his muse leads, or get lost.