Moses Sumney



This album was released 51 weeks ago.

82% ±8% 10 reviews
# Song 4WIM
1 insula
2 Cut Me
3 In Bloom
4 Virile
5 Conveyor
6 boxes
7 Gagarin
8 jill/jack
9 Colouour
10 also also also and and and
11 Neither/Nor
12 Polly
1 Two Dogs
2 Bystanders
3 Me in 20 Years
4 Keeps Me Alive
5 Lucky Me
6 and so I come to isolation
7 Bless Me
8 before you go
Rating Source
-2% 4WIM Adjuster
82% 4WIM Rating
100% DIY Magazine Gender, genre and race are deconstructed one by one, challenging the listener while soothing them with the balm of melody, lulling them into comfort before pulling out the theatrics.
90% Paste Magazine Instead, he has taken an omnivorous approach to his music, absorbing folk, soul, jazz, ambient and classical music into his unique sound.
90% Louder than war
85% The Line of Best Fit Moses Sumney’s 2017 debut – the striking, entrancing Aromanticism – was a concept album about lovelessness that sounded absolutely gorgeous.
83% Gaffa (Sweden)
83% Nöjesguiden Det här är mycket spännande musik som du definitivt borde lyssna på, och jag vet iallafall att Moses Sumney kommer följa med mig in i 2021.
80% Exclaim! Music Harmony Published Mar 04, 2020 8 Most music tends to focus on life's milestones — the first kiss, the epic heartbreak, and other brief, significant moments.
80% The Guardian If Part One (released in February) came out bold, with explorations of virility and vulnerability, soaring orchestral arrangements, trombones and songs asking “am I just your Friday dick?”, Part Two slackens only slightly.
80% No Ripcord The album’s opening song, insula, has Selasi discussing isolation, explaining the Latin root and telling us that it directly means island.
70% Loud & Quiet THANK YOU.“Isolation comes from ‘isole’, which means island.” As timing goes, the opener to Moses Sumney’s second album couldn’t have been any more contextual.