Melody's Echo Chamber

Bon Voyage


This album was released 35 weeks ago.

73% ±14% 13 reviews
# Song 4WIM
1 Cross My Heart
2 Breathe in, Breathe Out
3 Desert Horse
4 Var Har Du Vart?
5 Quand Les Larmes D'un Ange Font Danser La Neige
6 Visions of Someone Special, On a Wall of Reflections
7 Shirim
Rating Source
73% 4WIM Rating
100% God is in the TV It begins as a callback to the wistful hippy sounds of cult 60s albums by Wendy & Bonnie and Margo Guryan.
83% Nöjesguiden
80% Loud & Quiet Heartache, disillusionment and her new found fame combined to stifle her creativity and fuel her desire to get away from music; her split from Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker, her partner and producer, cost two year’s worth of work alone, the drain on her resources and emotions proving too much of a burden.
80% DIY Magazine
80% Drowned in Sound There are seven tracks in total, but each song offers a multitude of aural experiences that have emulated Prochet’s own psyche.
80% Under the Radar Magazine The result plays like a remarkable next step for Melody's Echo Chamber, as if Prochet has really built out the eccentricities that were lurking in the corners of her debut.
77% GIGsoup Parker helped the classically trained musician materialize her love for indie pop, shoegaze, and 1960s French pop, and the duo’s collaboration was truly a fruitful one.
70% The 405 Even though an amazing wave of "get well soon" messages echoed throughout her fanbase, it's safe to say this is not the kind of media buzz an artist wants to generate; a tragic accident or any other detail about their private life can become so inconveniently centerstage to their career — and here we are talking about it, huh — that ultimately prevents the audience from paying due attention to their music, eventually turning their métier into a mere public spectacle fed by morbid curiosity.
70% Earbuddy Prochet’s songwriting was good, but it really came together in the production and mix, courtesy of Kevin Parker from Tame Impala.
67% Gaffa (Sweden)
60% The Guardian Yet an album that flits wantonly back and forth between languages and decades needs a strong personality to anchor it – and that’s one thing Bon Voyage’s restless experimentalism never quite gets round to establishing.
60% New Musical Express It was initially touted for 2017, but the musician was hospitalised shortly after announcing the album, with a family statement citing a “serious accident.” Before then, she scrapped a collection of songs and halted recording sessions with Parker.
40% The Skinny After suffering a serious accident last year – shortly following the announcement of new album Bon Voyage and an accompanying tour – Melody Prochet was left hospitalised for months.