Matt Maltese

Bad Contestant


This album was released 36 weeks ago.

75% ±11% 4 reviews
# Song 4WIM
1 Greatest Comedian
2 Bad Contestant
3 Sweet 16
4 Like A Fish
5 Nightclub Love
6 Less and Less
7 Misery
8 Strange Time
9 Guilty
10 As the World Caves In
11 Mortals
Rating Source
-8% 4WIM Adjuster
75% 4WIM Rating
100% DIY Magazine In a short space of time, Matt Maltese has positioned himself as one of the most exciting emerging British songwriters in years.
80% New Musical Express And, while it’s been responsible for the emergence of Tom Misch and Rex, Orange County, Matt Maltese might just prove to be the scene’s greatest offering to date.
80% Music OMH He’s seemingly appeared from nowhere with the full force of Atlantic’s PR budget behind him (although he’s actually been releasing songs since 2016), he specialises in arch, witty pop and has been compared by more than a few people to Father John Misty, and his Twitter bio describes his genre as “Brexit pop”.So do we need yet another ironic pop star playing a character and casting a sideways glance at relationships?
70% Loud & Quiet So ‘As the World Caves In’ is a romantic song about a nuclear holocaust while ‘Misery’ is ironically way more optimistic, sung like Maltese is in a dystopian jazz club.