Mac Miller



This album was released 28 weeks ago.

69% ±10% 6 reviews
# Song 4WIM
1 Come Back to Earth
2 Hurt Feelings
3 What's the Use?
4 Perfecto
5 Self Care
6 Wings
7 Ladders
8 Small Worlds
9 Conversation Pt. 1
10 Dunno
11 Jet Fuel
12 2009
13 So It Goes
Rating Source
-6% 4WIM Adjuster
69% 4WIM Rating
90% The 405 Contrary to assumptions, this is not an Ariana Grande break up album, largely recorded prior to their split.
80% New Musical Express The rapper's brutally honest fifth album is a stellar – if somewhat overlong – artistic statementIn 2011, Mac Miller was breaking records.
80% The Guardian Facebook Twitter Pinterest ‘I got all the time in the world’ … Mac Miller It is not hard to imagine why Miller was in dire need of a reality check.
70% Exclaim! Music And, of course, his heartfelt lyrics on "Self Care" are a few among many throughout Swimming to movingly address his high profile breakup with pop megastar Ariana Grande.
70% Slant Magazine
60% Irish Times