Lucy Rose

No Words Left


This album was released 17 weeks ago.

75% ±14% 7 reviews
# Song 4WIM
1 Conversation
2 No Words Left - Pt. 1
3 Solo(w)
4 Treat Me Like A Woman
5 The Confines Of This World
6 Just A Moment
7 Nobody Comes Round Here
8 What Does It Take
9 Save Me From Your Kindness
10 Pt. 2
11 Song After Song
Rating Source
-5% 4WIM Adjuster
75% 4WIM Rating
100% The Guardian Her fourth album, No Words Left, is her starkest, filled with lyrics about uncertainty and isolation, and yet her most striking, conveying the strongest sense of her artistic identity yet.
100% Following up 2017's 'Something's Changing', Lucy Rose Parton has indeed altered tack with her latest release.
80% DIY Magazine It’s a bold step, but Lucy pulls it off beautifully, tempering her downbeat words with gentle percussion and elegant melody that bleeds perfectly into ‘Part 2’’s powerful declaration ‘This time I’m looking out for me”.
80% The Arts Desk Every so often, an album reminds you that, done properly, the art form is more than just a collection of songs.
70% Soundblab This month she releases her fourth album, No Words Left, an album titled quite contrary to deep wells of lyrical sadness she draws from.
70% The 405 Oftentimes albums are a direct reflection to the artist’s array of emotions during the creative process, so much so that they may never do anything quite like this ever again.
60% New Musical Express Sometimes excellent, sometimes uninvitingly dreary, ‘No Words Left’ is an ordinary album from a musician who could be truly extraordinary.