Lucy Dacus



This album was released 54 weeks ago.

81% ±12% 16 reviews
# Song 4WIM
1 Night Shift
2 Addictions
3 The Shell
4 Nonbeliever
5 Yours & Mine
6 Body to Flame
7 Timefighter
8 Next of Kin
9 Pillar of Truth
10 Historians
Rating Source
81% 4WIM Rating
100% Soundblab
90% The Line of Best Fit
90% The 405 This methodology succeeded with Julien Baker’s Turn Out The Lights last year, and it’s certainly promising for Snail Mail’s (as yet unannounced) debut album (her Habit EP was the reissue).
90% Drowned in Sound Songs on her debut No Border whisked eager listeners into indie rock novellas, replete with crushing melodies and secret desires, all rendered sublime by the bittersweet honey of Dacus’s voice.
90% Earbuddy Really Historian‘s ten songs are so stellar that you could go through each one analyzing its content.
87% Paste Magazine Historian is at once tightly focused and musically expansive, 10 new songs that sidestep any notion of a sophomore slump.
86% GIGsoup Evidently stirred, though not utterly shaken, the (relatively) careless individual belts out the refrain to ‘Night Shift,’ the lead single from ‘Historian’, as Dacus shifts into overdrive.
85% Under the Radar Magazine Still in the stirring prime of her existence at age 22, Dacus makes sure to leave nothing unsaid on her sophomore album Historian.
80% Exclaim! Music Her 2016 release, No Burden, was a remarkably earnest, warm, workmanlike indie rock record that didn't work too hard to be liked, but did enough to please.
80% DIY Magazine It’s not the only time ‘Historian’’s words could fit any one listener’s specific situation like clothing that’s just a wee bit too tight; in fact, this flexibility is the album’s key charm.
80% New Musical Express A song of two parts, the first is teasingly soft and acoustic but the second a caustic, grunged up anthem, with Lucy wailing over the top.
80% Pop Matters Lucy Dacus' has said in interviews that she considers herself a historian, so her sophomore record, Historian, is aptly titled, as she is reflecting on her life, documenting her movements, acknowledging her mistakes and analyzing what has happened to her that was outside of her control as well.
70% Music OMH In 2016 Lucy Dacus quietly released No Burden, an album she had recorded in one day, and toured almost constantly for over a year, reaching a wider audience than she ever imagined.
70% GoûteMesDisques Puis au coeur de l’hiver, Lucy Dacus a sorti "Night Shift" et "Addictions", deux titres irréprochables où tout nous faisait vibrer d’émotions et nous ramenait à l'intensité d'une Sharon Van Etten période Tramp.
60% Record Collector Historians heralds a remarkably short rise to the big time – somebody had obviously had their A&R Ready Brek when they came across this woman – but it’s entirely deserved; these are anthemic, intelligent pop songs, the kind that the Taylor Swifts of this world would hand over their back teeth for.
50% No Ripcord Melodically and lyrically clever, much of it pushed against expectations of what an indie songwriter should be.