This album was released 239 weeks ago.

88% ±10% 32 reviews
# Song 4WIM
1 Green Light
2 Sober
3 Homemade Dynamite
4 The Louvre
5 Liability
6 Hard Feelings/Loveless
7 Sober II (Melodrama)
8 Writer In The Dark
9 Supercut
10 Liability (Reprise)
11 Perfect Places
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88% 4WIM Rating
100% Tiny Mixtapes Maggie Nelson writes, “Ask not what has been real and what has been false, but what has been bitter, and what has been sweet.” I will listen to Melodrama while hurrying home with arms crossed over my heart, because fresh affection is blooming inside and I am cracking open.
100% The Line of Best Fit Lorde has memorialized precisely that type of evening – and the lingering repercussions of its aftermath – on her long awaited second album, Melodrama.
100% The Telegraph Aged 20, she has released a follow up, Melodrama, that should see Lorde ascend to the status of pop’s reigning queen, albeit in small, shy steps, with little triumphal ceremony.
100% DIY Magazine Revealed by the singer to be an album that tracks the progress of a house party, it takes the downs as cleverly and emotionally as the ups, with huge, crippling consequences occasionally reaching her, piercing through the hedonistic exiting of her teens.
100% Renowned for Sound Stepping out of her teenage years and into young adulthood, Lorde releases her sophomore album Melodrama which encapsulates her personal experience in heart break, loneliness and the spectrum of emotions an adolescent goes through in this vulnerable and whirlwind period of life.
100% The A.V. Club
100% New Musical Express It’s a rudely excellent album, introspective without ever being indulgent, OTT in all the right ways, honest and brave, full of brilliant songs with lyrics to chew over for months.
100% The Firenote But the wait was worth it, because nearly every song on Lorde’s sophomore act Melodrama makes “Royals” look like child’s play.
100% Irish Times As Lorde herself sings on Perfect Places, the closing track on Melodrama, “what the fuck are perfect places, anyway?”Accepting defects, negotiating the intensity of her teenage years (“crying or laughing or dancing or in love,” as she notes in a recent Vanity Fair interview), twist their way through Melodrama without becoming entangled.
90% Slant Magazine
90% No Ripcord
90% Pop Matters While her biggest hit to date introduced the world to her trademark minimal production and sharp, casually caustic songwriting, the 2013 single never quite did justice to the young New Zealand singer’s full appeal.
90% Drowned in Sound That’s partly because it was an album of towering technical achievement, a remarkably singular vision carried off with absolute conviction.
90% Music OMH For this is a record where Lorde is laid bare, revealing innermost thoughts, feelings and some devastating music.
90% Exclaim! Music Melodrama, an exceptional, intimate collection of 11 tracks that depict the extreme rushes and devastating crashes of relationships, both with others and yourself, is no sophomore slump.
90% The 405 It therefore felt fitting for her returning single to be entitled ‘Green Light’, a sparkling pop beacon bright enough to cut through the noise of an oversaturated marketplace.
90% Loud & Quiet That she manages it with sincerity despite her status as an established global pop star success story, with triumphalism despite being so audibly let down by the reality, and with authority despite still not having completed the journey herself is what makes ‘Melodrama’ such a compelling experience.
89% GIGsoup Mike Garson, Bowie’s pianist, said “David really liked Lorde, and he felt like she was the future of music, and they had a few wonderful moments together”.This was said before she had even released her sophomore album ‘Melodrama’.
88% Pitchfork Melodrama is Lorde’s study of being a young woman finding her own conviction in unsteady circumstances.
87% Consequence of Sound It’s inconceivable to imagine a charting, young 2010s pop act that doesn’t command a cult of personality, so let’s just be grateful that Lorde’s persona is one of the best.
87% The Plain Leader But her new album tells a very different story."Melodrama" is a breakup album for the ages, driven by heartache, self doubt and loneliness that's more relatable than 99 percent of today's pop music.
85% Under the Radar Magazine On Melodrama, everything down to the surreal cover art mirroring Joni Mitchell's Blue shows it's meant to be iconic.
82% QRO Magazine
81% Earbuddy For our latest Roundtable, Earbuddy writers Nick Krenn, John Downey, Tom Alexander, and Sami Rahman will be reviewing Lorde‘s sophomore album, Melodrama.
80% PressPLAY It’s hard to imagine anyone having the audacity to do this, let alone pulling it off the way Lorde does.
80% The Arts Desk While the upswing from independent to made shows in the polished and slickly produced sounds of pop, electro, indie, ballad and a touch of a reggae beat, there is no sense of Lorde losing her true self to the mainstream market.
80% The Skinny
80% The Guardian Among the many remarkable things about Lorde’s 2013 debut album Pure Heroine were the lyrics of a song called Tennis Court.
75% Paste Magazine The rapidly reverberating percussion of 'Homemade Dynamite'€ brings an absolutely liberating chorus, but the glut of lyrics on the tamer 'The Louvre'€ doesn't quite let the song's 'broadcast the boom'€ anthem stand out.
67% Nöjesguiden Det coolaste med Lordes debutskiva var hennes breda och varierade röstomfång på de olika låtarna, hur det inte riktigt fanns några gränser för högt eller lågt.
67% Gaffa (Sweden) Tillsammans med honom har Lorde utvecklat sitt sound från en stilla mörkhet till en mer maximal explosion.
60% Dagens Nyheter Således perfekt lämpad för just det där lätt överdrivna uttrycket som hon döpt sitt andra album efter.