Cuz I Love You


This album was released 26 weeks ago.

82% ±11% 14 reviews
# Song 4WIM
1 Cuz I Love You
2 Like A Girl
3 Juice
4 Soulmate
5 Jerome
6 Crybaby
7 Tempo (feat. Missy Elliott)
8 Exactly How I Feel (feat. Gucci Mane)
9 Better In Color
10 Heaven Help Me
11 Lingerie
Rating Source
82% 4WIM Rating
100% New Musical Express At the album’s crescendo, on ‘Heaven Help Me’, Lizzo finds  the strength to cope with the pain of love, and also showcase her impressive vocal range.
100% The Telegraph Melissa Jefferson, better known as the mononymous Lizzo, appears artfully naked on the cover of her new album, Cuz I Love You.
93% Consequence of Sound But in October 2018, Lizzo, born Melissa Jefferson, grabbed the internet by the balls and demanded you know her name when a video of her doing exactly that graced thousands of Twitter timelines.
90% Exclaim! Music
85% The Line of Best Fit
82% Paste Magazine On Cuz I Love You, Lizzo’s fortified voice could collapse buildings, her lyrics could bring you to your knees and her unprecedented assurance could inspire you to love yourself just a little bit more.
80% DIY Magazine It also manages to veer away from feeling gimmicky, Lizzo’s vibrant personality and humour shining through a set of tracks that switches through elements of funk, pop and R&B with ease.
80% God is in the TV Lizzo’s recent increase in popularity has happened quickly thanks to the coverage she’s had in the last six months, but she’s been making music since she was 14.
80% Soundblab On top of that, she’s insanely talented. “Juice” was the first single and biggest commercial hit for Lizzo since her debut in 2010 on a handful of collaborative tracks with other rappers.
80% The Guardian Her third album, Cuz I Love You, opens with a holler that instantly pushes all the dials far into the red.
80% Irish Times As she delivers songs such as Cry Baby and Jerome with such soulful, comedic and dramatic flair, it’s insane that Lizzo isn’t a household name already, but that will no doubt change soon.
80% The Arts Desk It's also, delightfully, the closest her major label debut album gets to letting anybody else dictate her feelings.
60% Pop Matters She's perilously close to becoming a mainstream star, and Cuz I Love You is clearly meant to make as big an impression as possible.
60% No Ripcord While Cuz I Love You isn't Lizzo's debut album, the buzz around its release—her first on a major label—certainly gave it that sense of anticipation.