Lily Allen

No Shame


This album was released 2 weeks ago.

73% ±13% 15 reviews
# Song 4WIM
1 Come On Then
2 Trigger Bang (feat. Giggs)
3 What You Waiting For?
4 Your Choice (feat. Burna Boy)
5 Lost My Mind
6 Higher
7 Family Man
8 Apples
9 Three
10 Everything to Feel Something
11 Waste (feat. Lady Chann)
12 My One
13 Pushing Up Daisies
14 Cake
Rating Source
73% 4WIM Rating
90% The Line of Best Fit Of course, Allen has always been so, but No Shame is candid in a different way – it tugs on your heartstrings, and is raw and brutally honest.
87% Consequence of Sound No Shame is in essence an exercise in vulnerability as she reflects on the pain of separation and the challenges of being a mother and a musician.
83% Gaffa (Sweden) Tyvärr tar det lite skandaler, skilsmässor, skriverier i brittiska tabloioder och "bara okej" försök som förra albumet Sheezus från 2014 innan hennes otroligt vitsiga, sarkastiska låtskriveritalang får skina.
80% God is in the TV It’s on display when she drew from personal experiences in her music, as well as her outspoken nature during interviews and on social media.
80% The Guardian From the title down, No Shame has been trumpeted as a ballsy return to form following 2014’s Sheezus – and yet the opening track, Come on Then, sounds remarkably like something off that album.
80% New Musical Express Lily Allen’s last album Sheezus wasn’t terrible, but she’s recently admitted she “made a record for the record company” and felt she “couldn’t sell it”.
80% PressPLAY For the macrocosm of national press, it’s quite remarkable to see Lily Allen not only surviving it, but taking full ownership with new album No Shame.
80% The Telegraph Nevertheless, No Shame should be compulsory listening for every young wannabe who still thinks pop stardom will be a panacea for all their problems.
80% The Arts Desk She is, however, one of the few to undermine this process, offering gritty, poetic response in song.
70% Loud & Quiet By the album’s midpoint the tone has softened, the lens has turned inwards, and the reflection deepens.
70% Exclaim! Music Lily Allen No Shame By Beth Bowles Published Jun 11, 2018 7 British pop star Lily Allen is approaching songwriting from a different angle with No Shame.
67% Svenska Dagbladet
60% DIY Magazine It’s no great revelation to say that Lily Allen’s 2014 comeback LP ‘Sheezus’ was something of a misfire.
60% Music OMH And that’s for good reason – old pal Mark Ronson is listed as a collaborator, producing two tracks, along with Vampire Weekend‘s Ezra Koenig, Burna Boy and Cass Lowe.
35% Under the Radar Magazine The songs are pleasant enough but are straightforward and lack bite, often coming off as cloy while trying to be clever.