Lily Allen

No Shame


This album was released 36 weeks ago.

74% ±12% 20 reviews
# Song 4WIM
1 Come On Then
2 Trigger Bang (feat. Giggs)
3 What You Waiting For?
4 Your Choice (feat. Burna Boy)
5 Lost My Mind
6 Higher
7 Family Man
8 Apples
9 Three
10 Everything to Feel Something
11 Waste (feat. Lady Chann)
12 My One
13 Pushing Up Daisies
14 Cake
Rating Source
74% 4WIM Rating
90% The Line of Best Fit Of course, Allen has always been so, but No Shame is candid in a different way – it tugs on your heartstrings, and is raw and brutally honest.
90% Renowned for Sound There has been much publicised about Lily Allen’s personal life since her emergence in 2006, but on fourth album; No Shame, Allen has been able to channel everything she has weathered into yet another high point in her career.
87% Consequence of Sound No Shame is in essence an exercise in vulnerability as she reflects on the pain of separation and the challenges of being a mother and a musician.
83% Gaffa (Sweden) Tyvärr tar det lite skandaler, skilsmässor, skriverier i brittiska tabloioder och "bara okej" försök som förra albumet Sheezus från 2014 innan hennes otroligt vitsiga, sarkastiska låtskriveritalang får skina.
83% QRO Magazine
80% God is in the TV It’s on display when she drew from personal experiences in her music, as well as her outspoken nature during interviews and on social media.
80% The Guardian From the title down, No Shame has been trumpeted as a ballsy return to form following 2014’s Sheezus – and yet the opening track, Come on Then, sounds remarkably like something off that album.
80% New Musical Express Lily Allen’s last album Sheezus wasn’t terrible, but she’s recently admitted she “made a record for the record company” and felt she “couldn’t sell it”.
80% PressPLAY For the macrocosm of national press, it’s quite remarkable to see Lily Allen not only surviving it, but taking full ownership with new album No Shame.
80% The Telegraph Nevertheless, No Shame should be compulsory listening for every young wannabe who still thinks pop stardom will be a panacea for all their problems.
80% The Arts Desk She is, however, one of the few to undermine this process, offering gritty, poetic response in song.
75% The 405 It's easy to forget for newer audiences, but when Allen debuted over a decade ago via a run of mixtapes, Alright, Still was an irresistible collection of everyday pop songs, woes of credit over warm, vibrant production.
70% Loud & Quiet By the album’s midpoint the tone has softened, the lens has turned inwards, and the reflection deepens.
70% Exclaim! Music Lily Allen No Shame By Beth Bowles Published Jun 11, 2018 7 British pop star Lily Allen is approaching songwriting from a different angle with No Shame.
70% Pop Matters Parlophone 8 June 2018 Occasionally it's the highs that inspire us to write songs, but even more often it's the lows, the anxieties, the deep valleys of our journey that produce the deepest emotions.
67% Svenska Dagbladet
67% Nöjesguiden
60% DIY Magazine It’s no great revelation to say that Lily Allen’s 2014 comeback LP ‘Sheezus’ was something of a misfire.
60% Music OMH And that’s for good reason – old pal Mark Ronson is listed as a collaborator, producing two tracks, along with Vampire Weekend‘s Ezra Koenig, Burna Boy and Cass Lowe.
35% Under the Radar Magazine The songs are pleasant enough but are straightforward and lack bite, often coming off as cloy while trying to be clever.