Leonard Cohen

You Want It Darker


This album was released 273 weeks ago.

88% ±9% 20 reviews
# Song 4WIM
1 You Want It Darker
2 Treaty
3 On the Level
4 Leaving the Table
5 If I Didn't Have Your Love
6 Traveling Light
7 It Seemed the Better Way
8 Steer Your Way
9 String Reprise / Treaty
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88% 4WIM Rating
100% soundguardian.com Spreman sam, Gospodine moj", recitira Leonard Cohen u uvodnoj, naslovnoj pjesmi svoga četrnaestog albuma, što je u svjetlu izjave kako je pomiren s tim da bi uskoro mogao napustiti ovaj svijet zazvučalo kao oproštaj i kao tematska okosnica nove zbirke pjesama.
100% The Guardian It was an image that 2014’s Popular Problems did little to counteract – it was as acclaimed an album as he has ever released, further buoyed by interviews in which Cohen talked of honing its songs over hundreds of gigs – but here he was, two years on, apparently so frail that he was “confined to barracks” and using phrases such as “when I was healthy”.
100% Dagens Nyheter Mycket tyder samtidigt på att fjortonde albumet ”You want it darker” är något slags farväl, med nio smakfullt draperade sånger märkta av tankar om livets oundvikliga slut, sorgsna stråkar och sordinerad gospelblues.
100% Irish Times The dignified music also reflects his concerns, at times hymnal in intensity, but it would be wrong to think these nine tracks morbid or depressing; Cohen’s humanity shines throughout.
100% The Arts Desk The production is spare but eloquent, with some stirring violin obbligato on several songs, not least the valedictory 'Travelling Light'€, a melancholy meditation on departures of every kind, trivial and terminal.
95% Paste Magazine Maybe the only thing that has saved Leonard Cohen" from skating any nearer to the abyss has been his deadpan sense of humor.
93% Consequence of Sound The unlikely lady killer famously once revealed he aches in the places he used to play, and a week before unleashing his 14th studio album he whipped music fans into a frenzy by declaring he’s “ready to die” in an extensive New Yorker profile.
90% The Line of Best Fit No matter how dire the headlines have gotten as of late, Leonard Cohen is here to remind us that things can all get worse.
90% Pop Matters Cohen has proven over this immense career that he can always find just the right music to convey the story that he’s telling.
90% Music OMH It is as a result of this that Cohen's son Adam, himself an acclaimed musician, stepped in to a production role.
87% The A.V. Club So while on some level the title You Want It Darker feels like a sly wink toward his penchant for mortality meditations—or an acknowledgment that such ruminations are appreciated by his devotees—it’s also flipping the bird to expectations.
85% Pitchfork I intend to live forever.” But even as he demurs, it’s hard not to play his 14th studio album, You Want It Darker, and hear a pristine, piously crafted last testament—a courtly act of finality that extends to the title.
83% Nöjesguiden De album Leonard Cohen har släppt under det senaste decenniet har samtliga skickat mer eller mindre subtila signaler om hans nära förestående hädanfärd, och den här skribenten har gång på gång fallit i fällan och konstaterat att Leonard Cohen har åstadkommit ett värdigt avslut på en lång och ständigt högkvalitativ musikalisk resa.
83% Gaffa (Sweden)
80% NOW Toronto Don’t make me go there; here it comes. You Want It Darker is frightening, aching and, finally, sad.
80% Renowned for Sound At 82 years of age, and with 2016 not being kind thus far to aging artists, it is only natural that the minds of Leonard Cohen and his fans would be turned to mortality.
80% Drowned in Sound As with all his best work, Songs of …, Songs From a Room, New Skin, etc, You Want It Darker skirts a fine line between euphoria and despair.
80% Exclaim! Music It may be his most striking album art to date (if not second to the disarming image of him casually eating a banana on 1988's I'm Your Man).
80% Record Collector It won’t be a surprise to learn that Leonard Cohen’s 14th, and perhaps final, studio album is somewhat preoccupied with reflection, consolidation and, yes, mortality.
70% Slant Magazine