Laura Veirs

The Lookout


This album was released 48 weeks ago.

77% ±4% 15 reviews
# Song 4WIM
1 Margaret Sands
2 Everybody Needs You
3 Seven Falls
4 Mountains of the Moon
5 Watch Fire (feat. Sufjan Stevens)
6 Heavy Petals
7 The Lookout
8 The Meadow
9 The Canyon
10 Lightning Rod
11 When It Grows Darkest
12 Zozobra
Rating Source
77% 4WIM Rating
80% New Musical Express It’s here that Veirs’ charm really lies; similarly to her friend Sufjan Stevens, her ability to tell stories without being blasé or obvious is what’s given her a long career in a fluctuating music world.
80% The Arts Desk Two minutes into The Lookout, a couple of related parallels bubble up when the David Crosby of If I Could Only Remember my Name and Gene Clark at his most sparse spring to mind.
80% Record Collector Veirs has honed her craft over nine studio LPs, and this album reveals her at the height of her powers – a record that verges on pop, in the same way that a Magnetic Fields record might, though “pop” seems too reductive a term for the layers of artistry at work here.
80% Exclaim! Music Laura Veirs The Lookout By Sarah Greene Published Apr 11, 2018 8 The Lookout is Laura Veirs' tenth album, and first to follow her 2016 collaboration with Neko Case and k.d.
80% Music OMH Now she has produced The Lookout, her 10th solo studio album, which works as a deceptively simple ode to the everyday and the need to pay attention to the fleeting beauty of life.
80% The Guardian Veirs’s 10th solo album is perhaps her most satisfying yet, the deceptively simple songs sketched out on acoustic guitar or piano (the lovely The Meadow is particularly minimalist) and subtly embellished by her band and producer husband, Tucker Martine.
80% Soundblab When preparing The Lookout, her tenth solo studio album, she reportedly penned 117 new songs, only to boil them down into the twelve that appear on the final tracklist.
80% The Skinny In recent years, she’s also branched out into a podcast centring on musician who are parents, writing children’s books and running a record label.
80% The Firenote That same feel is carried over into her latest efforts on The Lookout, an album that follows her excellent 2016 collaboration with Neko Case and K.
75% The Line of Best Fit Album Of The Week Portland’s Laura Veirs has a history of always having a finger in a pie, whether lending backing vocals to The Decemberists or Sufjan Stevens, recording film scores and children’s albums, collaborating with Neko Case and k.d.
75% The 405 The final song on Laura VeirsThe Lookout closes the album on a particularly striking image of hope.
74% Paste Magazine Laura Veirs " is probably not the first person who comes to mind for socially conscious music, but there's a careful vigilance about her new album that feels intertwined with the present cultural climate of unease and suspicion.
71% Earbuddy Says Veirs, “The Lookout is about the need to pay attention to the fleeting beauty of life and to not be complacent.
70% Under the Radar Magazine He returns the favor on The Lookout, singing on "Watch Fire," a charming track indicative of much of Veirs' tenth record.
70% Drowned in Sound Slide guitars and folk melodies wash across the album, with the likes of ‘Everybody Needs You’ shimmering thanks to the addition of slightly gated drums and an ethereal echo surrounding Veirs’ vocals.