Laura Marling

Song For Our Daughter


This album was released 47 weeks ago.

83% ±9% 15 reviews
# Song 4WIM
1 Alexandra
2 Held Down
3 Strange Girl
4 Only The Strong
5 Blow By Blow
6 Song For Our Daughter
7 Fortune
8 The End Of The Affair
9 Hope We Meet Again
10 For You
Rating Source
83% 4WIM Rating
100% The Arts Desk Such an emphasis on female identity will come as no surprise '€“ after all the title of the singer's last solo album Semper Femina, translates to "always a woman".
100% Record Collector That said, the album gives itself time to gather its thoughts as it gently descends by degrees into the soulful heartland.
90% The Line of Best Fit
90% No Ripcord If you’re a casual listener, Laura Marling’s latest album could be surprising in a handful of ways.
88% Paste Magazine As a result, her albums are centered around specific characters—Once I Was An Eagle’s Rosie, A Creature I Don’t Know’s The Beast and Sophia (the Greek goddess of wisdom)—or around a looser subject (Semper Femina’s look at femininity or societal gender roles on I Speak Because I Can).
82% QRO Magazine
80% Under the Radar Magazine May 12, 2020 Web Exclusive By Mark Moody During a time where many artists are delaying releases and tours are being involuntarily canceled or postponed, Laura Marling instead rushes forward into the breach.
80% The Guardian The title track counsels against taking advice from “some old balding bore” in the music industry who wants her to remove her clothes.
80% Exclaim! Music Laura Marling Song for Our Daughter By Laura Stanley Published Apr 10, 2020 8 Since her 2013 masterpiece Once I Was an Eagle, Laura Marling hasn't been afraid to use grand gestures to deliver her songs.
80% Clash Almost exactly 10 years ago she released 'I Speak Because I Can', an album that she said revolved around 'the responsibility of womanhood'€ '€“ a bold statement from someone who had just turned 20 at the time of its release.
80% Music OMH The last we heard from Laura Marling was back in 2018 when she collaborated with Tunng frontman Mike Lindsay to release an album under the LUMP name.
80% One of them is Laura Marling's latest album 'Song For Our Daughter' which was due for release later this year.
80% DIY Magazine To at the very least entertain, Laura Marling explains her reasoning for the early release, and at its best to provide some union.
70% Loud & Quiet Then again, Marling’s music – honest and unvarnished, wilfully bereft of modernist studio circus tricks or preoccupations with contemporary fads – has always felt somewhat older than her years; now, perhaps, the singer is simply catching up her song.
70% Louder than war