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2 DNA.
3 YAH.
11 XXX. FEAT. U2.
12 FEAR.
13 GOD.
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91% 4WIM Rating
100% State One thing immediately apparent from listening to DAMN is that Kendrick Lamar has a chip on his shoulder.
100% NOW Toronto There’s the sense his ambitions on DAMN. are even larger, reaching toward something more universal, fateful even spiritual in its reach to find the link tying all contradictions together.
100% I have repeated myself many times like many others about the extent of Kendrick Lamar’s talent, skill and commercial weight.
100% The Plain Leader But it only takes a few scratches to realize there's a lot to unpack here."Damn" is full of blunt titles, from "Loyalty" and "Pride" to "Humble" and "God," all stylized in capital letters.
100% The Telegraph XXX features U2, a combination that would no doubt fill some music fans (from both sides of the rock and hip hop divide) with dread, but the resulting track has a sinuous and surprisingly soulful flow that makes them a perfect match, showcasing Lamar’s superstar guests at their most understated.
100% PressPLAY Big influencers like J Cole, Logic, and A$AP Rocky have used the outlet to inspire others beyond just the sound – of course, this list is missing a very important name, the man behind the movement, Kendrick Lamar.
100% Tiny Mixtapes On opener “BLOOD.,” there’s a sample of FOX News reporters misquoting and deriding his song “Alright” after his 2015 BET Awards performance.
100% DIY Magazine
100% Nöjesguiden Om To Pimp A Butterfly var Kendrick Lamars sätt att svara förväntningar med skoningslöst oberoende, är DAMN. ett steg tillbaka till en, kanske framförallt för den yngre publiken, mer tillgänglig utgångspunkt.
100% The A.V. Club
100% The Guardian Facebook Twitter Pinterest Watch the video for Humble And yet the main differences between Damn and To Pimp a Butterfly seem more musical than lyrical.
100% Record Collector They’re for the most part musically simple (check the minimal piano riffs and crisp beats of hit HUMBLE.), with skeletal bass, beats and spooked, twisted synth parts providing plenty of space for Lamar’s unrelenting delivery.
95% The 405 City and Butterfly certainly weren't records one can categorize as hip hop albums in the traditional sense.
93% Consequence of Sound By the Good Friday 2017 release of DAMN., Kendrick Lamar had battled the evils of Lucy and journeyed to the mountaintop to lay claim, once and for all, to high power.
92% Pitchfork It’s a precious origin story, the stuff of rock docs and hood DVDs, and it’s delivered with such precision, vivid detail, and masterful pacing that it can’t possibly be true.
91% Paste Magazine He finds himself crucified on the very first track'€”his desire to do good, his outstretched hand to the blind of the world, turned upon him and used to undo him.
90% Slant Magazine
90% Pop Matters The story is of a chance meeting between Duckworth and Anthony “Top Dawg” Tiffith—well before Tiffith’s label Top Dawg Entertainment started releasing Kendrick Lamar’s music—that could have ended in Duckworth’s death, had it gone differently.
90% Loud & Quiet So much that anything else Lamar releases will be viewed in relation to such a peerless work (and to the other masterpiece he brought out immediately before it).It’s apt then that ‘DAMN.’ acts as a reflection on Lamar’s status as a living legend.
90% The Line of Best Fit
90% Drowned in Sound Expectations were undoubtedly, and wholly justifiably, running at the highest level imaginable for Kendrick Lamar’s latest release, after 2015’s startling masterwork To Pimp a Butterfly.
89% GIGsoup Although Good Kid, M.A.A.D City and To Pimp a Butterfly set Kendrick up as a sharp, sincere storyteller, it wasn’t until DAMN.
88% Earbuddy He’s concerned about his genre and his influence on the genre and goodness, wasn’t this what half of Butterfly was about?
83% Svenska Dagbladet
83% Gaffa (Sweden) Det finns dock ingen som lyckas kombinera allt detta på ett lika makalöst och nästintill fullkomligt sätt som Kendrick Lamar på detta album.
80% Irish Times Lamar knows how to handle his PR machine, and rather than do anything by the usual route, he simply announces an album is being dropped and allows worldwide word of mouth to rumble like thunder.
80% Under the Radar Magazine True to its dire, downcast title, the new LP has little room for the sort of defiantly joyous cuts like "King Kunta" that the Compton rapper has become known for in the past, much less the exalted anthem "Alright," or even breezier earlier cuts like "Hol' Up," or "Bitch Don't Kill My Vibe."
80% The Skinny And he’s seen protest movements sputter and falter, heard his lyrics picked apart by FOX pundits and trolls, and heard his art form accused of doing more damage than racism.  DAMN.
80% New Musical Express The triumphant Compton MC might have cut down the number of tracks on his fourth studio album – ‘DAMN.’ is by far his shortest release to date – but the ideas, thoughts and feelings it contains are massive, weighty things, from sexual tension to deep, dark depression.
60% Exclaim! Music