Kacey Musgraves

Golden Hour


This album was released 50 weeks ago.

80% ±12% 11 reviews
# Song 4WIM
1 Slow Burn
2 Lonely Weekend
3 Butterflies
4 Oh, What A World
5 Mother
6 Love Is A Wild Thing
7 Space Cowboy
8 Happy & Sad
9 Velvet Elvis
10 Wonder Woman
11 High Horse
12 Golden Hour
13 Rainbow
Rating Source
-1% 4WIM Adjuster
80% 4WIM Rating
100% The Guardian She has talked about the influence of Sade on her work, of “futurism … space country, galactic cosmic country” and of how the album’s closing track Rainbow is intended to speak to “LGBTQ youth”.
100% PressPLAY Can the world finally wake up the genius of Kacey Musgraves?Firstly, let’s do away with all the misgivings you might have around her.
93% Consequence of Sound Later in the album, Musgraves opines, “Baby, I ain’t Wonder Woman,” and that “If I let you down, I don’t mean to.” But she observes that, honestly, neither partner in this relationship knows how to fly.
85% The Line of Best Fit If the Walmart yodelling boy and ‘yeehaw’ memes brought our attention back to country music, Kacey Musgraves is the one who’ll keep it.
80% Earbuddy It’s the kind of album that hipsters love because it allows them to say “No, I actually don’t hate country,” the same way a slightly racist dude is excited to tell you about that one black friend they have.
80% Renowned for Sound The American singer, once again, put together a sensational record that excites and moves the audience, whether you are country music fan or not.
80% Record Collector Then she texted me at that moment & I lost it & wrote most of it.” And that is Golden Hour.
80% soundguardian.com Mlada autorica koja ne robuje žanrovskim formama ni u glazbenom ni u (još manje) tematskom smislu učvrstila je taj svoj položaj solidnim albumom "Pageant Material", o kojem ste mogli svojedobno čitati na SoundGuardianu, te podcrtala svoju neprekidnu aktivnost božićnim albumčićem "vrckava" naziva "A Very Kacey Christmas", što je novi album učinilo jednim od očekivanijih izdanja ove godine, bar što se Amerike tiče.
70% Glide Magazine Her brand of country music recalls the storytelling glory days of the 90s; characters live and die in her songs, holding up mirrors to themselves and thereby to those of us following their journeys.
68% GIGsoup Whether due to her revelatory LSD trip, (problematic) desire to make a reggae album, or subversive approach to country music, there exists an utter fascination with Kacey Musgraves.
60% Under the Radar Magazine Whilst tracks like "Butterflies" and "High Horse" offer the best of what Musgraves can do in terms of balancing her obvious charm against a certain steely underbelly that has served her so well so far in her career, all too often, Golden Hour delivers a lackluster vibe and a feeling that Musgraves has become too infatuated with the pop side of her artistry and is beginning to forget about the things that made her so interesting and worth investing in in the first place.