Julia Holter



This album was released 25 weeks ago.

79% ±9% 18 reviews
# Song 4WIM
1 Turn the Light On
2 Whether
3 Chaitius
4 Voce Simul
5 Everyday Is an Emergency
6 Another Dream
7 I Shall Love 2
8 Underneath the Moon
9 Colligere
10 In Gardens' Muteness
11 I Would Rather See
12 Les Jeux to You
13 Words I Heard
14 I Shall Love 1
15 Why Sad Song
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79% 4WIM Rating
90% Exclaim! Music Julia Holter Aviary By Matthew Blenkarn Published Oct 23, 2018 9 Julia Holter isn't prone to small, easy statements.
90% Pop Matters Having travelled to these extremes now she sets out to unleash her most ambitious work to date in the 90 minutes long Aviary.
90% Tiny Mixtapes Holter never used to think her music had a political aspect, though she has changed her mind about that.
87% Consequence of Sound Lush and experiential, intense feeling is the foreground of the album, a series of shifting moods that swirl and coalesce into a rich tapestry.
86% Resident Advisor It says something about the current moment that Julia Holter chose to make an album capturing the present.
85% Under the Radar Magazine
85% The Line of Best Fit A veritable choral cacophony, Julia Holter’s fifth outing invites you in to get lost in a world that can seem chaotic on the surface, but once you delve beneath the waves, possesses a peaceful serenity.
80% Earbuddy Blame it on internal struggles and a sense of general restlessness, but Aviary has the same bigness that Ekstasis and Tragedy.
80% The Guardian To say that Julia Holter’s fifth album is dense and difficult is an understatement – in an ideal world, Aviary would come with its own dedicated edition of York Notes.
80% Drowned in Sound After the small platform release of her early records, her two most recent albums have come out on the indie heavyweight Domino Records and they have been an exercise in exploring how Holter’s experimental tendencies can best find a sizeable audience, culminating in the modern day masterpiece Have You in My Wilderness in 2015.
80% No Ripcord On Turn the Light On, Julia Holter cries out with wild abandon as a turbulent orchestra teeters with overblown opulence.
80% Soundblab Most of the time it doesn’t even matter whether their concept is good and if they have presented it well.
80% The Skinny By no means an easy listen, Aviary is nonetheless packed with detail, the daring musicality turning the most hackneyed of phrases into something startlingly new.
75% The 405 While her 2015 album Have You In My Wilderness was rather easy on the ears and appealed to a wider audience, it was dotted with leanings toward complex song structures and abstract lyricism.
70% Music OMH At 90 minutes and with 15 tracks almost all clocking in at 5 minutes plus, Aviary is a behemoth of an album, baulking under its sheer weight of ideas and dauntingly uncompromising throughout.
70% God is in the TV The music production here also feels inspired by the scattered, chaotic and overpowering nature of birds, even straight from the beginning with the striking, rumbling and suffocating string piece ‘Turn The Light On’.This track and a lot of the record uses a technique called hocketing in which voices and instruments interrupt each other and create fragmented pieces that can be a challenge to listen to but rewarding if experienced in the right way.
60% DIY Magazine Over her past four albums, Julia Holter has built a reputation for making music that sounds strange, sometimes beautiful and often unconventional.
60% Loud & Quiet Somewhere, this band of drone devotees will be hitting rewind on what much of the mainstream world may wish it could unhear.