Jon Hopkins



This album was released 37 weeks ago.

82% ±13% 19 reviews
# Song 4WIM
1 Singularity
2 Emerald Rush
3 Neon Pattern Drum
4 Everything Connected
5 Feel First Life
6 C O S M
7 Echo Dissolve
8 Luminous Beings
9 Recovery
1 Emerald Rush - Edit
2 Everything Connected - Edit
3 Singularity - Edit
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82% 4WIM Rating
100% The Arts Desk As Hopkins suggests, there's a lot to be said for listening to 'Singularity'€ in one uninterrupted go.
100% The Skinny Hopkins’ signature deep tissue massage bass is stitched together throughout, with unreal moments of musical beauty making Singularity a simply stunning album of emotional highs and lows.
100% New Musical Express This time, on album five, the electronica mastermind wants you to have a blissful psychedelic experience, and he’s here to guide you through from beginning to end.
100% Gaffa (Sweden) Minst sagt överväldigande för en artist som har verkat någorlunda i skuggorna under så många år och Jon Hopkins tvingades hitta ett sätt att tackla sin nya situation.
90% Loud & Quiet It’s a small, seemingly trivial detail but it’s one that subtly and instantly defines the album.
90% Music OMH To those who say the album is dead, let the first piece of countering evidence for the defence be Jon Hopkins' new long player Singularity, his first in five years.
83% Nöjesguiden Ofta tar bandet sig in i en nära sakral stämning där du har svårt att inte ställa dig upp och klappa med i takten, som om du deltog i en gudstjänst i en gospelrockig sydstatskyrka.
80% Pop Matters Jon Hopkins' Singularity is an intense, wholly immersive record that invites the listener to temporarily escape from the mundane and the repetitious and take a peek into their own subconscious.
80% Exclaim! Music At its climax, album highlight "Emerald Rush" features percussion so thunderous and with such friction it almost generates lightning, but it also begins with sweet, solitary piano notes and roaming, seemingly curious synth blips and burbles.
80% DIY Magazine On ‘Singularity’, then, he’s moving on from the lynchpin of his career, and further into the human psyche as a whole, largely influenced by his experiences with meditation.
80% Soundblab He's not only able to make this kind of music  interesting, he's also a master at controlling the ebb and flow of emotion that runs through his work.
80% Earbuddy Now, with his first album since Immunity, Hopkins is inviting us to escape the horrors of modern society and return to nature.
80% Drowned in Sound The summer of 2013, for this writer at least, was completely owned by Jon Hopkins’ record Immunity and, perhaps weirdly, perhaps not, Sunbather by Deafheaven.
80% Irish Times When it hits the right notes, the human voice strikes the outer reaches of your soul, but electronic music can sound like 10,000 brain processes firing at once.
80% Under the Radar Magazine The muscular opening title track draws in the listener to a welter of synth leads lifted atop squelching drum patterns that weave in and out of distortion, threatening chaos which, beautifully, never quite arrives.
76% Resident Advisor You might imagine approaching Jon Hopkins' latest album, Singularity, like someone in that car, in awe at the epic, humbling expanse below.
75% The Line of Best Fit As the way we engage with music evolves, the trends within the music industry have begun to lean towards songs and hits rather than albums and their journeys.
70% The 405 I will never forget the first time I heard 'Open Eye Signal', the second track on UK based producer and composer Jon Hopkins’ seminal 2013 album Immunity.
40% The Guardian The way the beats on the two big techno numbers, Everything Connected and Emerald Rush, crunch and splinter to blur the quantization requires expert sound design, and the latter swings with an almost reggaeton groove – it is exceptionally good.