Jenny Lewis

On The Line


This album was released 17 weeks ago.

83% ±8% 17 reviews
# Song 4WIM
1 Heads Gonna Roll
2 Wasted Youth
3 Red Bull & Hennessy
4 Hollywood Lawn
5 Do Si Do
6 Dogwood
7 Party Clown
8 Little White Dove
9 Taffy
10 On The Line
11 Rabbit Hole
Rating Source
83% 4WIM Rating
100% New Musical Express If Lewis’ previous album ‘The Voyager’ was an exploration of her fractured relationship with her father, ‘On the Line’ is surely dedicated to growing closer to her mother again.
100% The Telegraph
90% Exclaim! Music Here and elsewhere, the music surrounds its subject matter with vibrant tones that never simplify those sentiments — guests include a crack team of legendary session musicians, Ringo Starr, and production from the likes of Beck and Ryan Adams (who's since been accused of sexual misconduct and emotional abuse by multiple women).
90% God is in the TV There are already plenty of heavy duty, mainly American, analyses of this album for those that like that sort of thing.
87% The A.V. Club The protagonists of her songs overdo it on booze and bad decisions, go on mischievous adventures with mysterious characters (including a “narcoleptic poet from Duluth”), and have tearful and acrimonious fights.
85% Under the Radar Magazine And while every solo album has been touted "her most personal," On the Line should thrive beyond just the cult of Jenny.
81% Paste Magazine It sounds decidedly grown up, mature both lyrically and musically, and it’s a spectacular studio effort.
80% The Guardian So often, Lewis’s organising motif is a kind of unbearable lightness of being female, delivered with a wink, a love of classic rock and, here, a picture of her cleavage on the cover.
80% Drowned in Sound It’s an album filled with lost moments, faded romances and things that could otherwise have been, but the key to it all is that Lewis is in control throughout.
80% Consequence of Sound As the leader of Rilo Kiley, she influenced an entire generation, writing the kind of songs that inspire tattoos and mantras.
80% DIY Magazine
80% Irish Times Just ask Jenny Lewis, the American songwriter and former frontwoman of Rilo Kiley, one of the signature indie bands of the past 15 years.
80% Music OMH On The Line is Lewis’ first album since 2014’s The Voyager, and continues that rich vein of personal storytelling.
80% Nastavljajući nam na naslovnicama predstavljati svoju garderobu, Jenny Lewis – sada pouzdano možemo reći – vješto grabi naprijed i kao autorica i kao izvođačica.
77% Earbuddy Plus, once you listen to the album, it says to listeners that there’s more to Jenny Lewis (or any woman for that matter) than just her body.
77% QRO Magazine
70% The Line of Best Fit